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How to make the perfect Mojito cocktail?

The mojito, a refreshing and classic cocktail, has been enjoyed by many around the world. In this article, we will delve into the history of the mojito, explore its essential ingredients, discuss the...  read more


Would you like cream with that?

Some of our favourite cocktails are the ones we top with cream. And there is nothing that a good hot chocolate can’t fix – especially at this time of year. The best ones have a hefty serving of cream...  read more


Fancy tips to give your cocktails the wow factor

If you’ve been dabbling in mixology for a while, but you’re starting to feel like there must be more to it than carefully combining three or four ingredients in a shaker before straining into a glass,...  read more


The History of Tequila

We couldn’t let National Margarita Day (20th February) pass us by without paying homage to the cocktail’s most important ingredient: Tequila. A guilty pleasure of binge drinkers everywhere, this fiery...  read more


The History of the Snowball Cocktail

Every year we have dreams of a white Christmas, but unfortunately, it doesn’t always work that way. Depending on where you are in the world, you might get rain, wind, maybe scorching hot sunshine, but...  read more


The History of the Kamikaze

This incredibly tasty drink epitomizes everything that you would want in a cocktail. It includes two sources of alcohol, requires a shaker and is presented in an elegant cocktail glass. It can be mixe...  read more


6 Cocktail-Making Tools You Definitely Need

The rules of mixology may be complicated, but the tools involved in cocktail-making are few and far between. It is possible to make an incredible drink using nothing but your required ingredients and...  read more


The Only Six Cocktails You’ll Ever Need to Know

There are six cocktails that every single bartender, amateur or professional should be able to master. These drinks are the ones that best optimize what it means to be a cocktail – i.e., they contain...  read more


Would you like ice with that?

We get it. It’s November, and it’s freezing (where we are, at least!) When you want to enjoy your favourite cocktail, it can be tempting to leave out the ice to try and keep the cold at bay.But ice is...  read more


The History of the Bellini

There is something quite fancy and decadent about the Bellini. It feels a little bit more special than your standard classic cocktail and takes the edgeoff a dry glass of Prosecco. Fruity, yet fizzy,...  read more


The World’s Best Temperance Bars

Alcohol-free bars are popping up all over the world, and some are becoming quite successful!The premise of a temperance bar is that any beverages served are free fromalcohol. You can still get beer, w...  read more


London Bars Inspired by Children’s Stories

Some stories that we hear as children can capture our imaginations in such a waythat they stay with us beyond our younger years. These stories become classics,transcending the generational divide so t...  read more


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Shaking is crucial for emulsifying vinaigrettes and cocktails, but not suitable for delicate ingredients that can break apart or become overworked

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