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You’ve got the ingredients. We’ve got the recipes. Simply add your ingredients to your bar and find all the wonderful cocktails you can make right now.

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Download our plugin and embed cocktail recipes directly onto your own site or blog.

Choose from our whole recipe database, or choose a specific cocktail made with a certain ingredient, and let us place a beautiful recipe on your own site.

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Explore your 'My Bar' types

Bar view

Unsure where to start - start right here. We break down all the ingredients by type, and then sub-type. Use the menus to filter through the ingredient categories to find your ingredients. When you find it, click it to add (or remove) it. Alternatively, just jump straight in and start typing your ingredient in the search.

We've added a useful 'popular' section as well which will take you straight to the most popular ingredients people have in their bar. A great place to start.

Table view

The list view gives you an overview of everything in your bar, broken down by our 6 core top level types. You can add or remove from any of the types by using their respective boxes, or simple use the omnipotent search box,which searches over every type.

This view is an easy to use interface to see your bar at a glance..

Take a photo

Want to try something even cooler? Line up all your half empty bottles from your cupboard, snap a picture, and Mix-it-up Mel will do the rest - adding the bottles straight to your bar and showing you all the cocktails you can make.

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What to buy next

Once you've filled up your bar, choose the What To Buy Next tool to find out what the next best ingredients are to give you the most new (great) cocktails you can make.

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Check out our full comprehensive guide to learn more about all the My Bar tools, and how they help you make the latest and greatest cocktails.

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