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Perfect Pairings: Cocktails and Cuisine

Delve into the art of pairing cocktails with food in our 'Cocktails and Cuisine: Perfect Pairings' series.

This collection explores the harmonious interplay between the flavors of food and cocktails, guiding you to create perfect pairings that elevate both the drink and the dish. Whether it's complementing the richness of a meal with a bright cocktail or balancing spicy flavors with a sweet concoction, these articles offer insights and tips for every culinary occasion. Ideal for foodies and cocktail lovers alike, enhance your dining experience by learning how to match your meals with the ideal cocktail companions.

Would you like cream with that?

Some of our favourite cocktails are the ones we top with cream. And there is nothing that a good hot chocolate can’t fix – especially at this time of year. The best ones have a hefty serving of cream...  read more


Go nuts for these cocktail and snack pairings!

It’s not uncommon to see a bowl of salted peanuts on the bar of any fine cocktail establishment. These complimentary snacks are salted for a reason – they make you thirsty, so you’re more likely to dr...  read more


The Best Cocktails to Enjoy with Pasta

There is something about pasta that demands we enjoy it with wine. You walk into an Italian restaurant and are immediately greeted with the wine list.But, did you know, that there are cocktails out th...  read more


Cooking With Spirits

Most of us are familiar with cooking with wine, whether we are making a delicious red wine sauce to complement our beef, or a white wine sauce to go with chicken, the acidic taste is distinctive and m...  read more


How fattening is your favourite cocktail?

Isn’t it frustrating how cocktail season and ‘I-must-get-my-summer-beach-body-ready’ season fall at the same time of year? As the infographic below reveals, if you’re looking to shed the pounds you...  read more


Pairing Cocktails with Food

It is becoming a popular dining-out trend to pair cocktails with your meal, rather than the traditional bottle of wine. Unlike wine, cocktails can be modified to your palate as well as designed to sui...  read more


Bartender's top tip

Make a show of it! Part of the fun of cocktails is the preparation. So prepare cocktails in front of guests and friends to share and enjoy the whole experience.

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