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Level up your cocktail ingredient knowledge

Uncover the secrets of cocktail ingredients with our 'Crafting Cocktails: Ingredient Deep Dive' series.

This collection is a comprehensive guide to understanding the role and impact of each ingredient in your cocktail creations. From the botanical nuances of different gins to the rich complexity of artisanal bitters, we explore how each component can dramatically alter the taste, aroma, and character of a drink. Whether you're curious about exotic fruits, rare spirits, or homemade syrups, these articles provide in-depth knowledge and creative ideas to enhance your mixology skills. Perfect for enthusiasts looking to refine their palate and experiment with new flavors, this series is your key to unlocking the full potential of every ingredient in your cocktail repertoire.

How to Choose the Right Garnish for your Drink

The finishing touch to any self-respecting cocktail, the garnish plays an important but understated role in mixology. Ir allows the drinker to customize the cocktail to their preferred tastes. If a le...  read more


Cocktails to Make Use of Your Harvest

August is the month when farmers get to work harvesting the crops that they have solovingly tended to over the year. There is an abundance of seasonal fruit andvegetables at farm shops, farmers market...  read more


Get to Know Your Rum

The basis of so many incredible cocktails, rum has a long history with links to pirates and brave naval warriors, making it one of the coolest spirits around! It was actually created in the middle age...  read more


Sippin' Daiquiris in the Sun

At the height of summer, the lure of drinking cocktails in the sun can be overwhelming! Whentemperatures reach their peak, we think the daiquiri is the perfect choice,especially when frozen, helping t...  read more


Cool Down with a Coffee Cocktail

Cool Down With a Coffee CocktailThere is something wonderful about summer – the long, hot days make it the perfect time to enjoy the outdoors and us Brits like to make the most of every minute. But it...  read more


Making Wine More Wonderful

For many, Easter is a time of indulgence after a long period of fasting. If you took part in the religious practice of Lent, then you may well have enjoyed the past weekend by scoffing chocolates and...  read more


Gin for the Win

Maybe it’s just me, but it seems as though gin is experiencing somewhat of a revival these days. The stereotypical notion of your nan sipping on a gin and tonic is but a distant memory as more and mor...  read more


The top ten things you need in your cocktail cabinet

One of the best things about alcohol is that it has a very long use-by date. Spirits, in particular, can last months in your cocktail cabinet, so it makes sense to keep everything in stock so that you...  read more


Gin Times

Gin was officially invented in the 1600’s, although Italians had been flavoring some of their simple distilled beverages with juniper berries since the 11th century. A Dutch physician, Franciscus Silv...  read more


Differences in Tequila

Brief History The word tequila is a proprietary term, legally limited for use in the Mexican production of blue agave distilled spirits. First commercially produced during the 16th century by Spanish...  read more


Vodka, Myths and Stories

Vodka is a distilled drink that is made of ethanol and water. It’s concocted by distilling grains or potatoes. By volume, vodka has an alcohol content of 38 percent. Vodka is a traditional drink in...  read more


Whisky's, Whiskey's and Bourbons.

There are many different whiskeys that you can purchase, but in general there are 4 main categories of whiskey: Scottish, Irish, American, and Canadian. Scottish whiskeys are made from a process tha...  read more


Bartender's top tip

Understanding and mastering the classic cocktails provides a solid foundation for your mixology skills. Classics like the Martini, Old Fashioned, Margarita, and Daiquiri have stood the test of time for a reason. Once you know these staples, you can start tweaking them to your taste or using them as a base for more creative explorations.

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