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Since 2010, Make Me A Cocktail continues to engage and inspire their growing subscription base with an email publication sent every fortnight. Each publication focuses on a key ingredient, known as Make Me A Cocktail’s Ingredient Deep Dive.

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30,000 - 35,000 readers!

Each article is opened and read by around 30,000 - 35,000 readers, with a rough demographic split of:

  • 60% U.S
  • 20% UK
  • 7% Canada, 7% Australia
  • The rest worldwide

Young sociable reader base

Make Me A Cocktail’s readership are young, inquisitive, experimental and sociable. They are amateur cocktail enthusiasts and drinks connoisseurs, all looking for inspiration, discovering new brands, developing their beverage repertoires and looking at further ways to enjoy cocktails.

This is a highly segmented, loyal and growing audience that would benefit from targeted advertisements, pertinent to each publication. Get in contact to book a slot with the theme that works best with your business or get in touch to discuss

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Make Me A Cocktail’s blog is a growing resource of cocktail recipes, tips and tricks, and cocktail history. It is a highly engaged audience, with a large proportion of readers returning to the blog on a regular basis.

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