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Explore the captivating history of cocktails with our 'Level Up Your Knowledge of the History of Cocktails' series.

Delve into the origins and evolution of iconic drinks, from the classic Old Fashioned to the sleek Martini. Each article brings to life the stories and milestones that shaped mixology, offering a glimpse into the cultural impacts and legends behind your favorite cocktails. Perfect for enthusiasts and history buffs, this series enriches your understanding of cocktail craft, one fascinating tale at a time.

The History of the Snowball Cocktail

Every year we have dreams of a white Christmas, but unfortunately, it doesn’t always work that way. Depending on where you are in the world, you might get rain, wind, maybe scorching hot sunshine, but...  read more


The History of the Kamikaze

This incredibly tasty drink epitomizes everything that you would want in a cocktail. It includes two sources of alcohol, requires a shaker and is presented in an elegant cocktail glass. It can be mixe...  read more


The History of The Godfather Cocktail

A cocktail without a mixer is like fish without chips; salt without vinegar; Bert without Ernie – it just doesn’t work. Unless you are the Godfather, in which case, the rules no longer apply. A wicked...  read more


History of the Cuba Libre Cocktail

A drink that celebrated the end of war and oppression in Cuba, the Cuba Libre is light, delicious and timeless. In an era where gin is king and vodka rules, the traditional rum, cola and lime has neve...  read more


The History of the Sex on the Beach Cocktail

Ask any professional bartender for a Sex on the Beach cocktail and you will likely be met with a slightly disdainful look - it is hardly a drink for the more discerning of cocktail enthusiasts. Howeve...  read more


The History of the Rusty Nail

This potent blend of scotch whisky and Drambuie was a favourite of the Rat Pack back in the 1960s,giving them the dutch courage they needed for their outrageous exploits whilstensuring they kept their...  read more


The History of the White Lady

The White Lady has undergone a few transformations over the years, but she has never lost her sense of elegance and style. The most modern version includes Cointreau, lemon juice, gin, sugar syrup and...  read more


The History of the Zombie Cocktail

With Halloween fast approaching, this classic cocktail seems like an obvious choice for any spooky shenanigans you may be planning! A somewhat complicated blend of various different ingredients, inclu...  read more


The History of the Salty Dog

A classic cocktail that has become somewhat underappreciated in recent times, the Salty Dog is the perfect cocktail to enjoy while making the most of every last bit of summer sunshine. Incredibly easy...  read more


History of the Mai Tai Cocktail

If the hot summer weather has got you feeling in the mood for something tiki-tiki, the tropical Mai Tai cocktail might be just what you need. Similar to a daiquiri, thanks to its base of white rum and...  read more


The History of the Caipirinha

Made with cachaça, the sweeter, more refined cousin of dark rum, the Caipirinha (Kai-Pur-reen-Ya) has earned its place as the national cocktail of Brazil. Light, cold and incredibly refreshing, it is...  read more


The History of the Mary Pickford Cocktail

A very fancy cocktail with an extremely glamourous namesake, the Mary Pickford cocktail was created during prohibition and is saved for only the classiest of establishments. Who was Mary Pickford? B...  read more


Bartender's top tip

Balancing flavors is key in mixology. A dash of bitters or a hint of citrus can elevate a cocktail, turning a good drink into an exceptional one. Always experiment and refine.

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