I can't find my favourite cocktail - cocktail 'x'. Why don't you have it?
We always try and collect as many cocktail recipes as possible, while still keeping a relatively clean and useful site. We hope we've got nearly all the classics but if you've found something delicous at your local bar, that they've invented ... well we might just not have that yet. We've got over 3000 cocktails on our database, which seems a lot at first glance, but considering the number of different ingredients, and that they keep on growing, it would be impossible to have a collection of every cocktail ever invented.
Your list of ingredients doesn't contain this dusty bottle of 'x' that I have? How do I add it to mybar?
We've tried to include as many ingredients as possible, and even got quite a lot of obscure brands in our database, but it would be unrealistic to include everything. You can always add the ingredient type from the MyBar page so that we can still find the cocktails you can make with it.
You mention now and again 'completed' lists. Whats a completed list?
A list is complete when it contains more than 4 cocktails (we don't consider a 2, 3 or 4 cocktail collection a real 'list'), has a name and some form of description. Simple hey!
Your recipe is wrong! It should contain 'x'.
It's funny, we thought the same when we first started doing some serious research into cocktail recipes. From working in the industry we knew that different people have different twists on what they think makes a cocktail, but the amount of variations, even on some classics, is bewildering. Although you may think that the cocktail we've got is missing an ingredient, or is just plain wrong, somebody else somewhere doesn't think so. We try to mantain all our cocktails to what the "classic" version is, or what the majority believe is the best or right way, so sorry if you feel differently. Of course if we've properly messed up let us know and we'll fix it.
How is the scoring worked out? I love cocktail 'x' but its got a really low score!
The scoring is worked out from a multitude of factors, which is spit into our scoring algorithm, worked around in a washing machine before a final score is worked out. It's a bit of a trade secret and we actually hired a math professor to help us with generating useful ratings, no really we did.

We try to create a score so that it is representative of the activity of the cocktail on the site, as well as how good the actual coctkail is. So factors such as if its contained on lists, how much it is favourited, if other sites talk about it .... these all contribute to the final score. Then of course you've got just how damn good it is!

I've got a cocktail I want to add. Where can I add it?
We're not currently accepting new cocktails to be added to the site. We want to allow you to add new ones and share them with the world, but we also want to ensure that the quality of the cocktails on the site is maintained, and everyone privacy is respected. We're working on a way to allow you to add cocktails, but for now you'll have to wait.
I wand to use social logins, like Apple, Facebook, X etc
Us too, and we'll be adding those soon. We're just working on the best way to do it and want to ensure all the proper security and privacy concerns are met. Trust us, we're working on it!
Is the Premium membership worth it? I'm not really sure if I want to invest.
Well, we think so (of course). It gives you access to a lot of cool new features that we think are really useful for the cocktail enthusiast, from beginner to pro. We're always adding new features and we'll be adding more to the premium membership as time goes on. As AI becomes more prevalant in the cocktail world, we'll be adding more features around that area as well, but of course that costs us money. So if you want to support us, and get some cool features, then we think its worth it.