Everything a member does on Make me a cocktail can earn them badges . Each is a little award given to a member for carrying out certain actions on the site. We use this machanism to promote members activity - and therefore not only show which members have contributed most to the site, but following on, which members have a more trusted voice.


Badges are one time awards that each member can only receive once - and are given out for certain great actions that people carry out. Some of our 40+ badges you can receive include:

  • Home enthusiast - Awarded to members who have created a MyBar that has 60 or more ingredients
  • Getting Started - For members who complete all the getting started steps
  • Cataloguer - For members who have created 10 or more complete lists
  • Resolution - For members who log in on the 1st January
  • Christmas - For members who log in on Christmas day

Every member automatically receives the 'Citizen' badge for joining the site. Some badges are fairly easy to achieve, where as others take time and great additions. Theres over 30 badges (and counting) you can recieve, and members can view them all over on their activity page.

Cocktail microbadges

As well as the usual key components of a cocktail such as ingredients, glass, method, name and more, cocktails also receive microbadges which help categorise the cocktail and give it more prestige on the site.