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Cocktail masterclass

Explore the diverse world of cocktail making with our collection of tips, tricks, and ingenious ideas.

Perfect for both aspiring mixologists and experienced cocktail enthusiasts, this section offers a wide range of advice and creative inspiration. Learn everything from setting up a well-equipped home bar to mastering unique garnishing techniques. Delve into practical shortcuts for quick cocktail preparation, discover how to use everyday kitchen ingredients in new ways, and get insider tips for hosting memorable cocktail parties. This all-encompassing guide is your go-to resource for enhancing your cocktail crafting skills, filled with innovative approaches and essential knowledge for every cocktail lover.

Fancy tips to give your cocktails the wow factor

If you’ve been dabbling in mixology for a while, but you’re starting to feel like there must be more to it than carefully combining three or four ingredients in a shaker before straining into a glass,...  read more


The Only Six Cocktails You’ll Ever Need to Know

There are six cocktails that every single bartender, amateur or professional should be able to master. These drinks are the ones that best optimize what it means to be a cocktail – i.e., they contain...  read more


Would you like ice with that?

We get it. It’s November, and it’s freezing (where we are, at least!) When you want to enjoy your favourite cocktail, it can be tempting to leave out the ice to try and keep the cold at bay.But ice is...  read more


Five Cocktails You Can Make Right Now

Here at Make Me A Cocktail, we have done a little research into the top ingredientsthat amateur bartenders have in their drinks’ cabinets. It is probably nosurprise to anybody that vodka came out on t...  read more


How to Pick a Cocktail Glass

Since the bars have been closed for some time now, we have all had to become amateur mixologists, creating wonderful cocktail concoctions in the safety of our own kitchen. You might have all the ingre...  read more


Bringing Sustainability to the Cocktail Industry

Sustainability is a bit of a buzz word right now. It has infiltrated its way into almost every industry as businesses try to continue to make money while placing less pressure on the planet. Doing our...  read more


The World’s Deadliest Cocktail: The Aunt Roberta

Despite the age and notoriety of this cocktail, it is quite possible that you have never had the pleasure of drinking the Aunt Roberta. The reason for that is quite clear: this drink doesn’t meet the...  read more


How to Make the Perfect Gin and Tonic

It is one of the simplest and most popular cocktails in the world, but there is more to creating the perfect G&T than you might think. If you take the time to get all the elements just right, you...  read more


Glasses and Their Effect on a Drink

Whether at a public bar or private party, the average drinker may not see the need for the abundance of styles and sizes of drinking glasses; however, a connoisseur appreciates the use of specific ste...  read more


Are you using the right wine glass?

When it comes to cocktails, the glass is as important to the finished drink as every other ingredient. But when pouring wine, few people think twice about which glass they use. It doesn’t help that gl...  read more


Bartender's top tip

Experiment with cocktails for the season. Try ice-cold, citrussy or sparkling cocktails in warmer seasons and spicy, warm or creamy cocktails for the colder months.

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