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Welcome to our cocktail recipe hub, your go-to destination for finding the best fencing-inspired cocktails! Steeped in rich history and characterized by its elegant yet fierce nature, the sport of fencing has graced the Olympic Games since its inception in 1896 in Athens, Greece. Our curated cocktails aim to capture the essence of this storied sport, celebrating its grace, precision, and competitive spirit.

On this page, you'll find a collection of bespoke cocktails crafted by top bartenders. Each drink is inspired by various elements of fencing, from its distinctive equipment to its thrilling duels. Alongside these exclusive recipes, enjoy some fascinating facts about the sport to deepen your appreciation. Raise your glass and savor the flavor of Olympic fencing with every sip!

Did you know?

Olympic Fencing facts

First olympic appearance: 1896 (Athens, Greece)

Debut in the Modern Olympics:

Fencing was one of the rare sports included in the very first modern Olympic Games held in Athens in 1896, and it has been featured in every Summer Olympics since then.

Fencing Inspired Cocktails

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En Garde Elixir

  • 50 ml Tequila
  • 25 ml Lemon Juice
  • 15 ml Sugar Syrup

The En Garde Elixir is a vibrant and invigorating cocktail inspired by the precise and energetic sport of fencing at...

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Trending Olympic Cocktails

Our current trending Olympic-inspired cocktails are the talk of the town. These popular recipes capture the spirit of the games and are perfect for any celebration. Dive into the cocktails below to see what's currently trending.

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The Tennis Cup


Inspired for sitting in the sun and just watching a great game of tennis.

Created by Sam Patel

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Hurdles High Sour


A sophisticated cocktail that marries the botanical elegance of Earl Grey Forest Gin from Cheshire’s Forest Distillery with the zesty...

Created by Forest Distillery

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Going for Gold

Modern pentathlon

The Going For Gold cocktail combines the rich and sweet depth of golden rum with the tropical sweetness of pineapple...

Created by Double Dutch Drinks

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Olympic Spirit


Indulge in the refined elegance of the "Olympic Spirit," where the crisp, juniper-forward notes of 60ml Forest Gin meet the...

Created by Forest Distillery

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Passion to Win

Rythmic gymnastics

The Passion to Win cocktail combines the bitter-sweet and herbal complexity of Aperol with the tropical brightness of passion fruit...

Created by Double Dutch Drinks

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The Road to Rouen


The Road to Rouen cocktail combines the rich and fruity base of Calvados with the herbal sweetness of Yellow Chartreuse,...

Created by Double Dutch Drinks

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Gooseberry and Elderflower French 75


Introducing the Gooseberry and Elderflower French 75, a cocktail that strikes a perfect balance of tart and sweet. The elderflower...

Created by Jamie Zalinski

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Plain Sailing


The plain sailing cocktail combines the clean and crisp (or herbal and botanical) base of dry gin or vodka with...

Created by Double Dutch Drinks

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Long Distance Reviver

Marathon swimming

The Long Distance Reviver cocktail combines the rich and deep flavors of coffee liqueur with the botanical complexity of dry...

Created by Double Dutch Drinks

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