The Travelling Cocktail Drinker: The Best Bars in Jamaica

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Recognised by many as the most laid-back country in the world, dreams of Jamaica often involve sun, sea,
sand, and maybe Bob Marley? Of course, what would that tropical paradise be
without a cocktail or two? Expect rum in all its various forms and enjoy while
lounging beneath a palm tree outside one of these beautiful bars.

Floyds Pelican Bar

You’ve no chance of just wandering over to Floyds for a quick drink before dinner – getting to this bar requires a mile-long journey by boat, since it sits on its own mini island just off the coast. The trip is definitely worth the effort, however, since a visit to this bar is an experience of its own. You can swim or snorkel around the bar, enjoy the Catch of the Day and relax in the sun, all the while enjoying a delicious rum punch!

Bamboo Blu, Mammee Bay

With its own private beach reserved for restaurant guests only, Bamboo Blu offers reasonably priced cocktails, great food and a fun, vibrant atmosphere. Head there at midnight to
enjoy the evening campfire or relax in the day and enjoy the live reggae music.
We recommend the Big Bamboo Chalice – a cocktail made with rum, triple sec and
fruit juice, served in a large chalice cup that you get to keep!

Oceans on the Ridge, Ocho Rios

The extensive cocktail list at Oceans on the Ridge is sure to impress the thirsty traveler, as is the
delicious food. This bar is popular stop for cruises and also makes for a wonderful
wedding location, thanks to the incredible views over the port and city.
Serving lots of forgotten classics, the star of this bar has to be the
Chocolate Sundae, made up of vanilla vodka and milk – don’t drink too much or
it will curdle in your stomach!

Bottles and Chimney Bar, Ocho Rios

This relaxing, intimate bar and restaurant is a favourite with locals and tourists alike, due to the tasty food and fun cocktails. The Blue Lagoon might be a bit of a cheesy choice, but it seemed perfectly matched with the laid-back musical vibes and hot, sunny surroundings.

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Hiddin Hut Bar and Grill, Old Harbour

This trendy bar is a little tucked away, so it is ideal for those wanting to wander away from the tourist areas. It offers jell-o shots alongside creative craft cocktails, while adding a genuine and quirky twist on old classics such as the Margarita – try a spicy one, we dare you!

If you are lucky enough to be visiting the home of reggae any time soon, any of these bars would make
for a wonderful evening in the sunshine.

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