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What comes to mind when you picture the ultimate, relaxing getaway? Chances are you dream of white, sandy beaches, sparkling blue waters and lots of leafy palm trees. The image of paradise is not quite complete without a colorful cocktail. Here we investigate the best beach bars that the world has to offer.

Dune Preserve Beach Bar, Anguilla, British West Indies

A trip to the West Indies would not be complete without a visit to this bar. Highly praised by many different sources, it is rated as the “Number 1 Beach Bar in the World” by CNN, considered to be the “coolest place in the Caribbean” by MSNBC, and claims the title of “The region’s most artistically eclectic beach bar” from Elle Magazine UK.
The man behind the world-renowned bar is Bankie Banx, a reggae star who performs regularly at the venue. He built the bar on land owned by his family, using the wreckage from racing boats, driftwood, and locally sourced wood. It is situated between a golf course and the Cuisinart Resort & Spa. The bar has been standing since 1994, despite damage from four hurricanes in that time. While the landscape of the beach has changed dramatically, the bar has stood firm. It provides breathtaking scenery and an amazing sunset, making it the perfect place to enjoy a Duneshine, the bar’s signature drink.

Shipwreck Hut, Rarotonga, Cook Islands

This quirky beach bar has a gospel theme to it. Alongside the complimentary “Opu Ra Magic” cocktails, visitors can enjoy gospel sing alongs. After a Sunday morning omelette, the bar provides transport to the local Christian church, where women dress in traditional costume and sing some more. The bar is well known for its sunset barbeques, which occur most evenings, and the seasonal fruit breakfasts are another draw. Drinks are served in recycled jam jars and can be enjoyed while swinging in one of the numerous hammocks, which are situated at the front of the bar. There are also picnic tables that sit in the lagoon, so guests can cool their feet while enjoying their food. At certain times of the year, they may even catch a glimpse of a whale or two.

Beach Tree Bar, Hualalai, Hawaii, USA

Enjoy a Beach Tree Smash or a Tom’s Pink Shirt cocktail with the sand between your toes. Both signature cocktails are created with homemade ingredients sourced locally. The bar also boasts a selection of 60 different wines, which are available by the glass or bottle. There is an extensive menu, and the waiters are knowledgeable about the food, able to offer advice to anyone on a restricted diet.
The beautiful sunset is followed by a spotlight from the bar onto the waves, so diners may see the crashing waves while they enjoy their food. Live Hawaiian music is performed regularly and energetic hula dancers entertain the guests. The picturesque location provides the perfect spot for a romantic meal.

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The way you pour ingredients can affect your cocktail's final taste. Pour slowly and steadily to ensure proper mixing. When layering cocktails, use the back of a spoon to gently add the next ingredient so they don’t mix prematurely. This technique is essential for creating visually stunning layers in drinks like the Pousse-Café.

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