The world's best LGBTQ+ bars

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The best thing about LGBTQ+ bars is that they are completely inclusive. Anyone can come in and have a good time, which is why we think they are something worth celebrating.

Once short-term respites for people who didn’t fit into what society deemed as ‘normal’ when it came to gender and sexual preferences, these safe spaces are now flamboyant, fun and carefree! And they always have fantastic cocktails! Here are some of our favourite LGBTQ+ bars around the world.

Admiral Duncan, London

At first glance, the Admiral Duncan looks like any other boozer in the heart of London. Only the rainbow flags above the door give away what you can expect on the other side! With regular drag acts to keep you entertained, this bar is also hot on the cocktails! With Daiquiri on tap and handmade options featuring Jack Daniels and Amaretto, you know you’re in for a good night in this small but perfectly packaged venue.

Cafe Lafitte, New Orleans 

If you’ve seen Saltburn, then you’ll want to try the signature cocktail at Lafitte’s - the Elordi Bathwater Cocktail! Luckily, the ingredients in this beverage are a little more palatable than the ones on the show! This exciting venue in the heart of New Orleans has a history dating back to prohibition and has seen some famous faces over the years. Open 24/7, you can pop in for a quiet drink at lunchtime or join in one of the Underwear Pool Nights or No Judgement Karaoke events! This is not a bar for those who are shy and retiring!

The Stonewall Inn, New York 

This iconic bar was at the forefront of the gay liberation movement in 1969 and is still a mecca for gay people everywhere. It’s less serious these days and more about having a good time, with drag shows, aerial performances, comedians and guests DJs. They even have their own IPA beer, and it’s worth the trip just for that!

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Candy Darling, Barcelona 

With walls lined with gay art and a full events calendar, Candy Darling is one of the most exciting venues in Barcelona. Food is simple – pizza and sandwiches are just what you need to soak up the delicious cocktails, and the vibe is part activism, part leisure. Sounds like the perfect place to hang out to us!

A la Folie, Paris 

This bar in the middle of a Parisian park serves up a good slice of gay heaven! Sit on deckchairs on the grass, out on the private terrace or inside where it's warm and dry and enjoy a simple food and alcohol menu that appeals to friends, families and solo wanderers as they stroll through the park. Everyone is welcome. Even vegans!

Where will your travels take you? If you happen to find yourself in one of these areas, make sure to pop into these eye-opening bars!

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