World Cities that have Inspired Cocktails

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Cocktails often take inspiration from a number of glamourous places, often to make them seem more glam themselves. In this article, we’ll be telling you all about the places that inspired cocktails to whet your appetite for a quick drink or two.

Singapore Sling

The first one on our list is the Singapore Sling, created for with the Asian City-State as an inspiration. The cocktail itself was created over 100 years ago in 1915 by a hotel bartender. From its creation, this cocktail very quickly became popular around the world. Using a combination of gin, pineapple juice and Cointreau, this cocktail was created and gained international notoriety.

There aren’t too many variations on this cocktail, as there’s no need to mess with the current recipe. It strikes most as the perfect combination of some vastly different ingredients. It’s quite tropical thought it’s seen as a staple cocktail for just about any occasion.


New York and its boroughs have inspired so many cocktails, even before it became the hipster city of choice. The Manhattan is among one of the most popular cocktails in casino destinations, as gamblers love the mix and whisky punch. The classic mixture of whisky, vermouth, bitters and cherry to top it off makes this a sophisticated cocktail that can be served up in no time.

No one is entirely sure of where the Manhattan cocktail was first created, though it is popularly believed that it was in the Manhattan Club. We can trace this cocktail all the way back to the 1870s, where it was said to have been created for a celebration banquet. It survived through prohibition, with Canadian Whisky still somewhat available to those who knew where to get it.

There are a whole load of variations on this recipe, from adding different liqueurs to syrups. They can even be based on the type of whisky used, which can add a regional twist to the recipe.

Moscow Mule

Though this cocktail was created with the Russian city in mind, it wasn’t actually invented there. Smirnoff Vodka was struggling to sell, so experienced bartender Wes Price created a cocktail to get rid of the overstock of the drink. He also had a surplus of ginger beer, which is why this cocktail uses that mixer.

The copper mug that it’s typically sold in was also a bit of a selling tactic. Salesmen for Smirnoff would use the mug as a way to get talking with an owner and they even allowed them to take pictures with them. It wasn’t long before these tactics caught on and the Moscow Mule was being sold in bars all over the US.

Boston Rum Punch

There’s nothing quite so refreshing on a hot day than a Boston Rum Punch. This cocktail originated in the Boston heat, dating all the way back to the Founding Fathers. It’s a really simple mix of rum, lemonade and nutmeg to garnish. The great thing about this cocktail is that you can place almost any kind of twist on it you like, adding a variety of different flavours or garnishes.

Serving this in a large punch bowl is common for a garden party or BBQ. Most people that make this punch use a traditional lemonade recipe to create the mixer from scratch. Fresh lemons and sugar make for the best possible punch, some even add sprigs of mint for a botanical twist.

There we have it! Some of the very best cocktails based on a city, we hope you’re ready to make some for yourself. Test out the originals and make some variations that you love.

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Bartender's top tip

Ice plays a crucial role in cocktails, not just for chilling but also for dilution, which can help meld flavors together smoothly. Use large, clear ice cubes or spheres for spirits-forward drinks like Old Fashioneds, as they melt slower and dilute the drink less. For more refreshing, highball-style drinks, ensure your ice is fresh and plentiful to keep the drink cold and vibrant.

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