Find me a drink that's mainly made with dark rum on the rocks, a dash of grenadine, and maraschino cherries.

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If you're looking for a cocktail that closely matches your preferences—mainly made with dark rum, complemented by a dash of grenadine and garnished with maraschino cherries—while none of the cocktails exactly fit your criteria, the closest match is the "Red Night Dream." This drink combines the bold flavor of white rum, orange juice, and grenadine, garnished with a wedge of pineapple and cherry. While it uses white rum instead of dark rum, you could easily adjust the recipe by substituting dark rum to better fit your tastes.

The "Red Night Dream" has a vibrant and tropical profile, making it visually appealing and refreshing. It's served in a brandy glass, which adds a sophisticated touch to your cocktail experience. The sweetness of the orange juice, combined with the tartness of the grenadine and the rich flavor of dark rum, would likely result in a delightful, balanced drink. Simply follow the original recipe and don't forget to add the maraschino cherries for that perfect finishing touch!

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Dark rum

You asked: Cocktails with dark rum, grenadine, and cherries?. We found 10 cocktails answering the question.

Rum Louis

The Rum Louis cocktail is a tantalizing blend of tropical flavors with a balance of citrus and sweetness. It features...

Pineapple Juice (30ml), Orange juice (60ml), White rum (30ml), Lemon (1), Dark rum (30ml), Grapefruit Juice (30ml)

6 ingredients
4.9 / 5

Right Hand

The Right Hand cocktail is a sophisticated blend that showcases a tantalizing balance of flavors, making it a favorite among...

Aperol (22.5ml), Red vermouth (22.5ml), Chocolate bitters (2 dashes), Jamaican rum (30ml)

4 ingredients
4.3 / 5

Rum Old Fashioned

The Rum Old Fashioned is a twist on the classic Old Fashioned cocktail, substituting the traditional whiskey base with a...

Jamaican rum (30ml), Overproof rum (10ml), Falernum (7.5ml), Sugar Syrup (2.5ml), Angostura Bitters (1 dash)

5 ingredients
4 / 5

Red Night Dream

The Red Night Dream cocktail is a vibrant and tropical concoction, served in a brandy glass that adds a touch...

Orange juice (150ml), Pineapple (Wedge), White rum (60ml), Grenadine (30ml), Lime (2 slices)

5 ingredients
3.85 / 5

Bum N Rum

Bum N Rum is a refreshing and tropical cocktail that brings together the bold flavors of dark rum and lager....

Dark rum (60ml), Lager (330ml)

2 ingredients
3.84 / 5

Rum Crusta

The Rum Crusta is a cocktail with a rich, dark complexity, served in the tradition of a classic Crusta with...

Lemon Juice (15ml), Dark rum (150ml), Angostura Bitters (Dash)

3 ingredients
3.81 / 5

Dark Maria

The Dark Maria is a cocktail that presents a rich blend of flavors ideal for those who appreciate a caffeinated...

Coffee liqueur (30ml), Cola (top up), Dark rum (30ml)

3 ingredients
3.69 / 5

Man's Drink

The Man's Drink is a simple and straightforward cocktail that features the classic and ubiquitous flavor of cola, paired with...

Cola (120ml), White rum (30ml)

2 ingredients
3.59 / 5

Rum Runner

The Rum Runner is a fruity and tropical cocktail that captures the essence of the Caribbean. Traditionally served in a...

Pineapple Juice (30ml), Orange juice (30ml), White rum (30ml), Dark rum (30ml), Grenadine (Dash), Banana liqueur (30ml), Blackberry Brandy (30ml)

7 ingredients
3.58 / 5

Captain Kidd

"I usually drink Bundaberg Rum and Ginger Beer. One night at home I put some ice in a short glass,...

Dark rum (30ml), Ginger Beer (150ml), Drambuie (30ml)

3 ingredients
3.52 / 5


We've collated some quick fire Q&A's on the question to help you find exactly what you're looking for.

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What cocktails feature dark rum and grenadine?

Cocktails featuring dark rum and grenadine often include tropical fruit juices like orange or pineapple juice. These ingredients help balance the robust flavor of dark rum with the sweetness of grenadine.

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How can I substitute dark rum in a cocktail recipe?

You can substitute dark rum in a cocktail recipe by using a similar rich-flavored spirit like aged Jamaican rum or spiced rum. Adjust the recipe to maintain the balance of flavors.

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What garnishes go well with dark rum cocktails?

Garnishes that go well with dark rum cocktails include maraschino cherries, orange slices, pineapple wedges, and cinnamon sticks. These garnishes complement the rich, complex flavors of dark rum.

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Is it common to serve dark rum cocktails on the rocks?

Yes, it is common to serve dark rum cocktails on the rocks. The ice helps mellow the bold flavors of the dark rum and makes the drink more refreshing.

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What mixers pair well with dark rum?

Mixers that pair well with dark rum include cola, ginger beer, pineapple juice, and orange juice. These mixers help balance the deep, rich taste of dark rum with sweetness and acidity.

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