The Travelling Cocktail Drinker: The Best Bars in Auckland

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The list of restrictions due to the global pandemic keeps getting shorter and we can now visit certain countries on holiday. New Zealand has always been at the forefront of fighting Covid-19, with the prime minister being praised for her level-headed and effective approach. So, now that we can finally head to the lush green island paradise, it seems like a fantastic time to check-out the cocktail bars, with the bustling city of Auckland being our main focus!

Fukuko, Tyler Street

This cocktail bar/restaurant has a Japanese theme that is carried through the food, decor and even the cocktails. There is a different cocktail of the day every time you revisit, so that you never quite know what you are going to get. It is always a fantastic surprise though, with professional bartenders making some fabulous concoctions.

The Conservatory, Jellicoe Street

If you are looking for somewhere different but tranquil to enjoy a good cocktail, The Conservatory is ideal. Boasting the world's first living wall, the bar is set against a backdrop of flowers, making for a beautiful scene. Look away from the bar and you are greeted with sea views. When it comes to cocktails, the focus is on perfectly mixed classics with a couple of signature drinks.

Gypsy Tea Rooms, Richmond Road

The vibe here is so laid back that you might want to take a pillow with you! With soft fairy lights and soothing music, this atmosphere is all about relaxing. Having said that, the staff work very hard to create amazing cocktails and delicious snacks that will keep your good mood flowing.

Cassette Nine, Vulcan Lane

Fancy your cocktails in a teapot? Then this is the best bar for you! Serving delicious mixes in quirky vessels, this is a fun place to go whether you are looking for a night out or a sophisticated afternoon tipple. Popular with backpackers and students, the decor is hip and the music is themed!

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The Jefferson, Fort Lane

If whiskey is your tipple of choice, then you can't miss out on a cocktail at The Jefferson. With over 500 different types of whiskey on offer, you can work on expanding your spirit education one drink at a time! They hold regular tasting events and have a broad range of cocktail options - why would you ever want to leave?

Considered to be one of the most beautiful countries in the world, New Zealand has always been a popular destination. Now that you know about these bars, what is stopping you from visiting?!

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Make a show of it! Part of the fun of cocktails is the preparation. So prepare cocktails in front of guests and friends to share and enjoy the whole experience.

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