The Travelling Cocktail Drinker: The Best Bars in Kent

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A slightly less exotic location for our drinking travels this month, but with the whole global pandemic making it difficult to explore further climes, staying close to home seems more important. In the spirit of encouraging cocktail connoisseurs to shop local and support smaller businesses, we will show you the very best places to get a cocktail in Kent.

Houdinis, Canterbury

The city of Canterbury is a fascinating place to visit, whether you are interested in history, the arts or religion, it is a cultural treat. It is also great if you like shopping, eating and cocktails, with a bustling town centre that caters for all three. Houdinis sits at the centre of the high street. The bar is small, with room for three or four tables inside, but the quirky drinks come with magic-trick chasers that have to be seen to be believed! If you'd rather enjoy your cocktails after a day at the seaside, they also have a bar in Broadstairs.

Tokyo Tea Rooms, Canterbury

Just around the corner you will find the unique Tokyo Tea Rooms, a bar dedicated to cocktails and karaoke - the perfect combination! Whether you are the next Mariah Carey or struggle to hold a note, the staff are attentive and friendly. This is not a bar for a quiet drink, but it certainly is a lot of fun, and the cocktails are fab!

The Glass Jar, Margate

Constantly referred to as an 'up and coming seaside town', Margate is often underrated when it comes to tasty cocktails. The Glass Jar is a fantastic bar that sits right on the sea front, so that you can enjoy a stunning view as you sip. With a quiet, relaxed atmosphere in the day and a party vibe at the weekends, this is a great choice if you happen to be on the south east coast.

Cin Cin Bar & Bistro, Deal

If you like your cocktails with a side of jazz music, then this is the bar for you! Tasty food and regular live music help to make this a very popular choice with locals and the fun, friendly atmosphere makes it the perfect place to enjoy a cocktail or two.

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Grapevine Bar, Herne Bay

Herne Bay is a beautiful town with lots of little gems when it comes to pubs and bars, but the Grapevine Bar is one of the very best. Whether you choose to sit indoors or in the gorgeous garden area, you will be sure to enjoy attentive service and a wonderful range of tasty cocktails.

Kent is lucky enough to be home to some of the very best bars in the country. With stunning seaside locations, a wealth of history to explore and some truly decadent cocktail options, it is one of the better stay-cation options.

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