The Best Cocktails to Enjoy with Pasta

There is something about pasta that demands we enjoy it with wine. You walk into an
Italian restaurant and are immediately greeted with the wine list.

But, did you know, that there are cocktails out there that pair perfectly with your egg-fresh penne? Here are a few for you!

Macaroni and Cheese and Negroni

Comfort food and a classic cocktail make the perfect combination! The Negroni is an aperitif, designed to stimulate the appetite so that you can make the most of the cheesy goodness! This light, bitter-sweet cocktail works with your stomach to digest your food so you don’t get that bloated feeling after over-indulging! It works well with any cheese-based pasta dish.

Seafood Linguine and Margarita

Seafood and tequila go together like cheese and onion, bread and butter, or pasta and cocktails! This is a match made in heaven, with the warmth of the margarita
beautifully accompanying this salty dish. The lime works well too, adding a
sharp edge to the palate.

Sausage Fettuccine and Moscow Mule

The simple pleasures of sausage and pasta are perfectly matched with the spicy, fresh tones of the Moscow Mule. This is a combination for those meals where you really want to indulge, enjoying the fizzy ginger beer on your tongue along with the meaty morsels and slimy fettuccine!

Spaghetti and Meatballs and Aperol Spritz

This is possibly a pairing that you have tried before, as the Aperol Spritz seems to be the optimum Italian cocktail! The bitter bubbliness of this drink works well
with the tomato sauce and slurpy spaghetti! And if you spill any down you,
everyone will assume it is the pasta sauce – winner!

Lasagna and the Godfather

A hearty meal calls for something weighty to wash it down. The Godfather is ideal; easy
to make and incredible to drink. The combination of Amaretto and whiskey just
seems to bring the lasagna to life, so that it tastes better than ever before.

Spaghetti Carbonara and Pisco Sour

Both these recipes require eggs, which might be why they blend so well together in the
mouth. The creaminess of the carbonara is enhanced by the bitter cocktail,
creating a taste sensation that you’ll want to replicate again and again!

Of course, if you can’t get away from the idea of pasta being married with wine, you could always make a batch of Sangria to enjoy. This works for almost any pasta dish, but choose a red wine version for tomato-based meals and a white wine version for creamy, cheese sauces.

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Bartender's top tip

Choose the perfect glass. The shape, size and design of a glass adds to the experience of the curated cocktail. Invest in a few key pieces of glassware, with a design that matches your style.

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