London Bars Inspired by Children’s Stories

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Some stories that we hear as children can capture our imaginations in such a way
that they stay with us beyond our younger years. These stories become classics,
transcending the generational divide so that we can read the tales we loved to
our children, who will then go on to read them to their children. Some people
become so immersed in these adventures, that when they grow up, they create
bars to reflect the magic.

Here we celebrate some of the best bars in London that are dedicated to children’s

Looking Glass Cocktail Club

Perhaps one of the easiest targets, due to the number of unidentified beverages that Alice
consumes throughout the story and the potentially drunk characters that she
meets, Alice in Wonderland is the subject of a surprising number of themed
bars. The Looking Glass Cocktail Club in Hackney, London aims to take you down
a rabbit hole of drinking and debauchery, with a speak-easy style bar that
sells cocktails with names you’d expect to see at a Mad Hatter’s tea party!

Mr Foggs’

This chain of London bars has a whole backstory based on the adventures of Mr Phileas Fogg from Around the World in 80 Days. You can visit the Gin Parlour in Covent
Garden, where Mr Fogg is said to have hosted afternoon teas and tastings of his
collection of over 200 gins. Or perhaps you would prefer Mr Fogg’s Residence in
Mayfair, which is adorned with treasures collected from his travels and
supplemented with wild and wonderful cocktails.


The Jabberwocky is certainly a poem that makes more sense after the reader has had
a drink or two, which is why it is the perfect theme for a cocktail bar.
Callooh Callay is named after a line in this famous children’s poem and the
bar’s vibe follows the fun, ridiculous theme perfectly. You can enjoy cocktails
with weird and wacky names, and, if you visit at the right time of day, you can
even climb into the bar’s wardrobe to find yourself transported to a new
fantasy land.

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The Cauldron

A bar combining the pleasures of food and drink with a little scientific magic, The
Cauldron is a Harry Potter fans’ dream. Whether you want to be wowed by
wizardly drinks or you’d like to have a go at mixing some potions yourself,
every visit is sure to bring JK Rowling’s stories to life for you. The London
bar is based in Soho, but this company has expanded and is now located in New
York and Edinburgh too!

If you fancy revisiting your childhood while enjoying a delicious cocktail or two,
then these London bars will be sure to boost your imagination and bring joy to
your drinking experience.

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