The Best Cocktail Destinations for 2022

As the winter seems to be never-ending here in the UK, our thoughts have naturally
turned to summer holiday breaks in an effort to have something to look forward
to. Of course, our destinations must be sun-soaked, sand-based and serve up
some amazing cocktails! If you are also planning your next getaway, then take a
look at our suggestions below.

Athens, Greece

You can always rely on Greece to provide the best summer breaks, thanks to low-cost
resorts and a tendency to hold onto the sunshine that little bit longer. Athens
is perhaps one of the more expensive Greek cities, but it has so much to offer.
From the history to the beaches, it is a great place to visit. It is also home
to incredible bars such as The Clumsies, which regularly finds itself in the top
three best bars in the world, and Baba au Rum, which offers the best daiquiris
in the country!


A tropical island should always have cocktails, which is perhaps why Singapore does them so well! Head to Atlas bar for a gothic vibe or Jigger & Pony for the very
best punch bowls to enjoy with friends. The latter is also a great place for
those who are avoiding alcohol, since the list of mocktails is extensive and

Aires, Argentina

Argentina is an incredible country to visit in its own right, with a wealth of history
and culture to soak up in the mornings. However, as the clock sneaks past
midday, you could do worse than sampling some of the cocktails at Florería
Atlántico, a speakeasy that celebrates the past and serves up some fancy drinks.
Alternatively, you might prefer to head to Presidente for some glamour and
Scotch Sour.


There is something about Barcelona that always draws me back. Perhaps it is the cosmopolitan culture and backstreet treasures that excites me. Or maybe it is
the wonderful concoctions offered at Paradiso, a speakeasy that changes its
menu more often than the staff change shifts and has been known to create
drinks that change colour and taste! Another great bar is Two Schmucks that has
built on its pop-up bar to make magic!

London, UK

Okay, there are no beaches in London (unless you count a sad bit of sand on the Thames, but
when it comes to cocktails, nowhere does it better! The Connaught Bar, Tayēr +
Elementary, Kwānt and American Bar are all considered to be amongst the best in
the world. If you are going to be a cocktail connoisseur, then these are bars
that must be visited!

These are just a few of the amazing places you can go to sip on signature cocktails that
you won’t find anywhere else. Let your imagination run wild when planning your
next trip – you deserve it!

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Bartender's top tip

Choose the perfect glass. The shape, size and design of a glass adds to the experience of the curated cocktail. Invest in a few key pieces of glassware, with a design that matches your style.

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