The Travelling Cocktail Drinker: Best Bars in Hong Kong

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A destination on every travelers' bucket list, Hong Kong is a part of, yet independent from, China. One of the most commercial regions of the world, the city is ideal for shopoholics and offers a multicultural experience unlike any other. When you have finished looking at the sites and throwing money at the retail outlets, a drink will surely be in order. Here are the best bars for serious cocktail drinkers.

The Old Man, Soho

A bar dedicated to the life and works of the great Ernest Hemingway, The Old Man is a fairly new bar that offers experiemental cocktails and a laid back atmosphere. Hemingway presides over the bar, with a unique portrait on the wall, and each of the cocktails is named after one of his novels. With unique ingredients including blackened oat rum, rectified coca-cola and cocoa leaves (To Have and Have Not), these cocktails promise to bring you new flavours and taste sensations you'll love.

8½ Otto e Mezzo Bombana, Central

This is a bar that is worth visiting once you have enjoyed the delicious food, as the restaurant is the only Italian establishment outside of Italy to have three Michelin stars. You could be forgiven for forgetting that, however, when sipping on one of the outstanding cocktail options - this bar boasts that it makes the best martinis in Hong Kong.

Coa, Sheung Wan

A little taste of Mexico in the heart of Hong Kong, this Mezcal-based bar has a unique offering when compared with other bars in the area. The highly knowledgeable bar team are happy to decipher the menu for those unfamiliar with the agave drinks, so that you can confidently choose a cocktail you'll enjoy.

Lobster Bar, Central

Classic cocktails are mixed to perfection at the Lobster Bar, making it a must-visit destination if you are after a familiar drink. This is a popular hotspot in the centre of Hong Kong, but it
manages visitors well, ensuring attentive service, combined with great live
music in the bar area, and delicious seafood dishes in the restaurant. If you
do plan on eating there, be sure to book in advance.

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The Wilshire, Kennedy Town

This LA-themed bar sits at the back of the Westside Mexican restaurant, a gem of a bar that is spacious but not rowdy,
making it ideal for a quiet cocktail with friends. The cocktail menu itself is
small, but interesting – taking classic drinks and putting their own spin on
them. They regularly update the menu and have recently been taking inspiration
from lesser-known rap artists. Every drink has a story behind it and the bar
staff will be happy to share that tale.

One of the busiest cities in the world, Hong Kong is known for being fast-paced and technologically minded. These bars
offer the perfect escape from the chaos, offering cocktails that you are sure
to love.

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