The Travelling Cocktail Drinker: The Best Bars in Singapore

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In a country that is constantly evolving and developing, it is no surprise that Singapore is home to some of the
world’s best bars. The southern Asian state has an incredibly diverse,
multicultural society that encourages bartenders to take inspiration from
different places around the world. The result is great cocktails and bars worth
travelling for!

Manhattan, Regent Singapore Hotel, 1 Cuscaden Road

Walking into the Manhattan can be a little overwhelming due to the grand, regal entrance and
surrounding bar area. Taking its queue from all things American, the Manhattan
has over 150 bottles of American whiskeys and prides itself on reinventing
classic cocktails, making guests fall in love with traditional drinks all over
again. They have also included a lot of modern cocktails on their list. Why not
try an Iron Horse? A blend of sloe gin, lillet blanc, crème de cacao, lemon and
grenadine, it has a very distinctive and unforgettable taste.

Atlas, Parkview Square, 600 North Bridge Road

Few bars can boast that they have over 1,100 different types of gin, but Atlas has them all displayed in an impressive tower, with bottles dating back to the 1910s. The bar manager is also partial to a rare whiskey, making this the perfect destination for anyone who is into the historical aspect of cocktail making. Enjoy a classic French 75 or a vintage Negroni and revel in the opulent surroundings.

Native, 52A Amoy Street

As the name suggests, Native is keen on sourcing local ingredients and giving its guests an authentic
taste of Singapore. Imagine recipes including laksa leaves, soursop and even
fermented grasshoppers, combined with spirits from Asian distilleries. You won’t
find lemon and limes in your cocktails, instead, drinks are garnished with ants
or whey. Despite the scary ingredients, the cocktails are impressive and the
bar is a haven for anyone keen on boosting sustainability and reducing waste.

Operation Dagger, 7 Ann Slang Hill

Don’t expect to find a traditional mojito or martini at Operation Dagger. The bartenders here are keen on taking old classics and giving them a brand-new style, so that you are never sure exactly what to expect. The decoration is minimalist, and the ingredients are very avant-garde, so that every cocktail has a distinctive taste. Those with a sweet tooth might enjoy the Chocolate Ocean, a tasty blend of cacao, vanilla, longan nectar and samphire.

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28 Hongkong Street

A bar named after its address, 28 Hongkong Street has long been a favourite amongst locals and tourists alike. The head bartender is regularly nominated as the World’s Best Bartender and it is this reputation, as well as word-of-mouth that keeps this bar as popular as it is. The speakeasy vibe means it is quite tricky to find and reservations are often necessary – although it is not so easy to work out how to book! If you do get in, we recommend the Five-Foot Assassin, a delicious take on the frozen daiquiri.

Singapore is known for its clean streets, its incredible street food and amazing festivals, but we
think it is the quirky bars that really make it special.

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Bartender's top tip

Ice plays a crucial role in cocktails, not just for chilling but also for dilution, which can help meld flavors together smoothly. Use large, clear ice cubes or spheres for spirits-forward drinks like Old Fashioneds, as they melt slower and dilute the drink less. For more refreshing, highball-style drinks, ensure your ice is fresh and plentiful to keep the drink cold and vibrant.

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