The Travelling Cocktail Drinker: The Best Bars in Venice

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After a day exploring the magical, historical city of Venice, you’ll be in need of some alcoholic
refreshment. Luckily, Venice is well prepared for the well-travelled
cocktail-drinker, so you’ll have plenty of bars and restaurants to choose from.
We’ve made a list of our favourites, so that you can spend less time searching
and more time drinking!

Harry’s Bar, Calle Vallaresso

A list of cocktail bars in Venice wouldn’t be complete without a mention of Harry’s Bar. This well-established bar is where the classic Bellini was first invented, back in 1948, by founder, Giuseppe Cipriani. A stop here is definitely recommended, so that you can enjoy the traditional beverage the way it was intended.

Skyline Rooftop Bar, Guidecca

Offering the most amazing views across the city, the Skyline Rooftop Bar boasts an extensive
cocktail list, made up of drinks that have created themselves, as well as
plenty of classics with a Skyline twist. Based on the eighth floor of Hilton
Molino Stucky Venice, there is an infinity pool just a few steps from the bar –
ideal if you happen to have your swimming clothes with you!

Il Mercante, San Polo

A bar that combines alcohol and story-telling, the cocktail list is based on tales of famous explorers, with the most recent following the adventures of Sir Frances Drake.
Treat yourself to a Lettera Di Corsa, an unusual blend of gin, akvavit, squid
ink, lemon and pink peppercorn cordial and lose yourself in a world of
sea-based expeditions and piracy.

Bar Longhi, San Marco

If glitz and glamour is your thing, then Bar Longhi is a must-visit. Based in the Gritti Palace
Hotel, the bar is decorated with antique wallcoverings, Murano glass and
crystal adornments. With views overlooking the Basilica of Santa Maria della
Salute, it seems only fitting to enjoy the bar’s signature cocktail, the

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Frulalà, Cannaregio

At first glance, Frulalà might seem like your standard juice bar
but the long menu has an alcoholic section that is well worth taking a look at.
Made with fresh fruits, blended to order, we recommend sipping on an ice cold
Caipirinha while reveling in the buzzing, lively atmosphere.

Venice is known as the city of romance, but It is also a super place to enjoy a well-mixed cocktail, so make sure to take some time out of your sight-seeing itinerary in order to explore the local nightlife.

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