The World’s Best Temperance Bars

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Alcohol-free bars are popping up all over the world, and some are becoming quite successful!
The premise of a temperance bar is that any beverages served are free from
alcohol. You can still get beer, wine and spirits, but you’ll be able to party
all night and wake up the next day without a hangover!

Sounds good right? Here are some of the best sober bars around the world. If you are in
town, why not check them out for yourself?

Mr Fitzpatricks, UK

Leading the way for the temperance bar bandwagon is Mr Fitzpatricks. Based in Lancashire, UK, this business started as a range of fruity cordials and has quickly become an icon in the modest town of Haslingden. The business started in the 1800s, when Julia Fitzpatrick brought her homemade cordials from Ireland to the North of England. The family saw a business opportunity when people seemed to enjoy her bespoke beverages and the rest is history!

The Virgin Mary Bar, Ireland

This alcohol-free establishment in Dublin calls itself a ‘wellbeing bar’ because its
focus is on delicious drinks and having a good time, without potentially
addictive substances. They have a full menu of beers and wines, all below
0.05ABV, as well as an extensive cocktail menu. A word of warning for you: do
not call them mocktails!

Awake, USA

This Colorado-based sober bar has its own range of beers, wine and spirits that you can buy to take home and make your own drinks. If you’d prefer to have them poured within the
establishment, that’s fine too. The cocktail list is extensive – we recommend a
Wealth of Babylon if you are looking for something light and floral.

Aces, Australia

Head to Melbourne and you might stumble (or walk in a straight line, since you won’t be
drunk!) into this bar for the sober and the sober-curious. This bar prides itself
on being Australia’s first non-alcoholic cocktail bar and it is as well-stocked
as any high-end establishment that you might find in London or New York. All
your favourite cocktails are available without the alcohol and there is a full
entertainment programme too!

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Zeroliq, Germany

Zeroliq has pulled out all the stops to impress the tough German crowd, with an extensive
cocktail, wine and beer list which is completely alcohol-free. It is only open
limited hours, but the atmosphere in this sober bar is incredible.

These bars are all proof that a good night doesn’t have to start and end with alcohol. Are
temperance bars the next drinking craze?

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