The World’s Best Rooftop Bars

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One of the best things about the summer is the long, lazy days where the sun shines late
until the evening and cocktails taste that little bit better in the warmer
weather. A rooftop bar can make that experience all the more enjoyable, but
there are some establishments around the world that really stand out. Here are
some of our favourite rooftop bars that will give you incredible views as you
sip on your signature drinks.

Sky Bar, Bangkok

A filming location for the hilarious sequel to The Hangover, the Sky Bar is one of the
most famous drinking establishments in the world thanks to its picturesque
views and unforgettable scenery. The bar itself is suspended 820 feet in the
air, making it one of the highest in the world. You can stand and enjoy your
drink while looking out over the city, or sample one of the incredible
cocktails alongside some of the tasty light bar eats that are on offer in the
seating area. You can’t quite describe how amazing Sky Bar is in words – it is
something you have to see to believe.

Skye Bar, Sao Paulo

Sip a Caipirinha while soaking up the sunshine atop the Hotel Unique in Brazil. This
rooftop bar boasts an unbelievable red pool that is complete with underwater
sound system, so you can swim to the beat of some soothing tunes. When you are
ready to relax, lie back on the poolside beds and enjoy some beautifully
crafted cocktails.

Ozone, Hong Kong

The breath-taking view from the Ozone bar at the top of the Ritz Carlton hotel in Hong Kong is best enjoyed in the dark, when the sparkling lights take over the city to astound the onlooker. DJs provide the perfect ambiance to a theatrical evening, while an extensive cocktail list is sure to delight the beverage connoisseur.

The Press Lounge, New York

The skyline of the Big Apple certainly has an outstanding aesthetic, and it is one that is
best enjoyed from the top of the Ink 48 Hotel. With a focus on sustainable,
seasonal ingredients, the cocktail list changes depending on what is available
at any given time. This means that no two visits are ever the same, adding to
the excitement of this spectacular rooftop bar.

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The Trafalgar St James, London

This exclusive rooftop bar displays London at its finest, with Nelson’s Column in
full view as you taste one of the bar’s signature drinks. You can’t help but
feel inspired as you sit above the National Gallery, enjoying the Asian tapas
on offer while making the most of every ray of sun that is available, in true
British fashion!

A cocktail on a rooftop bar feels a little more decadent and it will certainly feel like a
luxury if you are lucky enough to experience one of these superb bars. 

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