The Travelling Cocktail Drinker: The Best Bars in Lucerne

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It’s February, the month of love, so it is only right that The Travelling Cocktail
Drinker visits one of the most romantic destinations in the world. Paris and
Venice were too obvious, so, this month, the focus is on somewhere a little
different, but just as dreamy! Known throughout Switzerland as the place to go
for a passionate weekend, you should visit Villa Honegg and Chapel Bridge,
before settling down in one of the below-mentioned bars!

Das Weisse und Schwarze Schaf, Frankenstrasse 2

The Black and White Sheep is actually two bars in one, so you can choose the evening you'd like to have. Whether you want to sit and have a conversation with friends, or you need to let loose on the dancefloor, there is something for everyone in this bar. Try The Weisse Schaf, a fruity blend of vodka, passion fruit, orange, lime, vanilla and cocoa.

La Madeleine, 15 Baselstrasse

Once upon a time, this sophisticated theatre-style bar was the setting for an adult cinema. With a huge range of spirits and liqueurs on offer, it is the perfect place to go for a well-blended cocktail. This bar has all the classics to choose from, but you might prefer to choose something a little different that nods to the past usage of the establishment. The Glamour on Ice is a combination of orange, mint and lime flavours, diluted with a little tonic for a fresh and fruity flavour.

Bar Capitol, 45A Zentralstrasse

A sports bar in the centre of the city, Bar Capitol is for the most discerning of sports fans! The range of bar drinks is extensive, so there is something for everyone! With stadium-style seating surrounding the big screens, guests feel like they are right in the middle of the action, while cocktails range from the classic Negroni to unusual variations such as the Peanut and Ginger Whiskey Sour.

National Bar, 4 Haldenstrasse

Take a step back in time as you walk through the door of the National Bar. Situated within
the Grand Hotel National, this bar retains much of the same style as it did in
the 1870s, with a classic cocktail list to match the décor. Sat right on Lake
Lucerne, the bar boasts stunning views that seem perfectly in keeping with the exquisite
drinks on offer.

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Seebar, Europaplatz 1

The cocktails are the highlight of this simple, sophisticated bar. Inspired by
tropical islands and tiki vibes, this bar is located within Lucerne’s KKL
(Culture and Convention Centre), making it the perfect place to visit before or
after one of the events held in the building. It also has some fantastic views
across the lake that are not to be missed!

Whether you are looking for somewhere romantic to go as a couple, or you need a singles’
trip away, Lucerne is a great alternative to the crowds of Paris and Vienna.

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