How to Pick a Cocktail Glass

Since the bars have been closed for some time now, we have all had to become amateur mixologists, creating wonderful cocktail concoctions in the safety of our own kitchen. You might have all the ingredients, tools and freezers full of ice, but have you got the right glasses.

Some may argue that their cocktail will taste just as good in a pint glass as it would in a martini glass - in fact, they could pour themselves a bigger serve in a pint glass! But the glass is all part of the cocktail drinking experience and choosing the right glass is very important. Let us talk you through some of the most common glass varieties.

Highball Glass

The highball glass is very similar to the collins glass, although a collins is slightly heavier. When choosing a glass for your home bar, however, the highball is the preferred shape, ideal for many cocktail recipes. This style of glass is best used for cocktails with a high percentage of mixer, giving you plenty of room to add juice or a fizzy drink while infusing the alcohol upwards.

Coupe Glass

The traditional martini glass might look elegant, but ask anyone who has ever tried to take a sip out of one and they will tell you that it spills everywhere! The coupe glass is a great alternative, curving up at the sides so you can keep the classy effect and most of your drink! This style of glass is best for drinks that have been shaken with ice and then strained. Make sure to hold it by the stem to keep your beverage colder for longer.

Single Rocks Glass

The perfect glass for scotch on the rocks, or any cocktail that is potent in its alcohol level and is served over ice, the single rocks glass is a must-have for most home bars. The short, wide glass is perfect for drinks that need to be sipped and savoured, giving your nose easy access to the sensual beverage aromas.

Double Rocks Glass

If you prefer drinks with more ice, or have a preference for cocktails which use syrups and garnishes rather than mixers to enhance the flavour (such as a mint julep or an old fashioned), you'll need a glass that is larger than a single rocks. The clue is in the name - the double rocks glass is perfect!

Shot Glass

Shot glasses are, obviously, for drinks that are to be enjoyed quickly. There is no need to savour the flavour or soak up the aroma. The main requirement for these is that they should have a small enough neck that most people will be able to get their whole mouths around them and that they should have space for a full 25ml serving without being filled to the top.

There are, of course, many other cocktail glasses, all of which have their own place in mixology. If you have the time, space and budget, then you might want to look at margarita glasses, irish coffee glasses and hurricane glasses. Gin glasses are also extremely popular right now and essential for the gin connoisseur. If not, the above list should serve you for almost every conceivable cocktail, or make a suitable alternative. Happy home drinking!

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