Five Cocktails You Can Make Right Now

Here at Make Me A Cocktail, we have done a little research into the top ingredients
that amateur bartenders have in their drinks’ cabinets. It is probably no
surprise to anybody that vodka came out on top, since the versatile spirit
makes an excellent base for many classic and modern cocktails. With our list in
mind, we have put together five cocktails that you should be able to make at
home right now, according to our results.

Planters Punch

The name of this popular tipple is a little misleading, as it is actually served up as a proper cocktail, in a highball glass, than as a punch. However, it does
include four of the most popular home bar ingredients, so it can be a regular
in your cocktail repertoire. Made with lime juice (5th), dark rum
(19th), sugar syrup(13th) and angostura bitters (15th),
you’ll also need a cocktail shaker and soda water (23rd) to give a
bit of fizz to this delicious drink.

Pegu Club

Fruity and fabulous, the Pegu Club is an old recipe that you definitely need to
revive! Despite its heavy reliance on gin (4th) as its base, this is
a cocktail that will please even those who tend to avoid the spirit. It is also
made with lime juice (5th), angostura bitters (15th) and
Triple Sec (9th) and is shaken in a cocktail shaker before being
strained into a cocktail glass.


Everyone loves a Cosmopolitan, don’t they? Deceivingly sweet and subtle, this vodka (1st) based cocktail classic is actually quite potent. You’ll also need Cointreau or
Triple Sec (9th), cranberry juice (26th) and lime juice
(5th) to make this easy-to-drink recipe, as well as lots of ice and
a cocktail shaker.


This variation of a Gin Sour is a great choice for any Friday night! Made with lemon
juice (2nd), sugar syrup (13th), angostura bitters (15th)
and gin (4th), it is slightly different from a sour due to the
exclusion of egg whites and inclusion of bitters. This is a modern drink that
fits perfectly with a contemporary lifestyle as it is easy to make and tastes delicious.

Barbados Sunrise

Bring back memories of the long hot summer with this fruity, beautiful-looking
cocktail. Made with orange juice (6th), white rum (24th),
grenadine (11th) and triple sec (9th), this cocktail
requires a little bit of skill and patience to get the lovely layered look, but
it is definitely worth it!

Other ingredients not mentioned in these cocktails included salt (7th),
cola (8th), tequila (10th), milk (12th), lime
(14th), lemon (16th), brown sugar (17th),
tonic water (18th), whisky (20th), pepper (21st),
coffee (22nd) and cinnamon (25th). I find it very
interesting that more people have vodka to hand than milk! Those are the most
hardcore of cocktail enthusiasts!

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Bartender's top tip

Always prioritize quality over quantity. Fresh ingredients and proper technique can transform a simple drink into an unforgettable experience for your customer.

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