Sippin' Daiquiris in the Sun

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At the height of summer, the lure of drinking cocktails in the sun can be overwhelming! When
temperatures reach their peak, we think the daiquiri is the perfect choice,
especially when frozen, helping to keep you cool and hydrated. The following
recipes are all simple to make and delicious to drink, with a core ingredients
list of rum and lime juice!

Traditional Frozen Daiquiri

If you want to keep things really simple, turn your traditional daiquiri into a frozen one and keep those sweat beads at bay! Made with lime juice, rum and sugar syrup, these
staple ingredients are blended with ice until slushy and irresistible, before
being poured into a chilled cocktail glass. Just like the classic drink, but

Raspberry Daiquiri

This sugary sweet drink is perfect for those that like their cocktails fruity and cold! Made with
lemon juice, sugar syrup and six fresh raspberries added to the traditional rum
and lime juice and blended with crushed ice, this cocktail looks as good as it

Cointreau Daiquiri

A daiquiri with a twist! This drink retains the core ingredients of rum and lime juice, but also incorporates lime zest, Cointreau and maple syrup, making for an unusual
daiquiri that cocktail enthusiasts will adore! Blend with so much ice that the
final drink is almost solid and enjoy on the beach under a palm tree (or in
your back garden if the beach is too  far

Frozen Strawberry Daiquiri

Probably everyone’s favourite daiquiri variation, the strawberry flavour also tastes amazing when
chilled. Choose a white variety of rum as your base spirit and add lime juice,
lemon juice, lots of fresh strawberries, strawberry liqueur and sugar. Blend
with plenty of ice and then pour into a chilled highball glass. This daiquiri
tastes just like summer should!

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Virgin Strawberry Daiquiri

Make a cocktail for the kids or just drink this when it is too early to start on the rum! Made with
plenty of fresh strawberries, sugar and lime juice, this fabulous fruity
concoction tastes like a cross between a cocktail and a smoothie, making it the
perfect virgin option for garden parties and social gatherings. Don’t forget to
blend with lots and lots of ice on days when it’s too hot to be indoors.

Make one, or make them all, but don’t let the summer of 2019 pass without discovering the pleasure of
an ice-cold daiquiri, giving you tropical vibes without having to travel

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Keep your cocktail costs down. If you have favourite spirits or ingredients to make your cocktails, buy bigger bottles to keep your costs lower.

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