Go nuts for these cocktail and snack pairings!

  • 16th October 2023

It’s not uncommon to see a bowl of salted peanuts on the bar of any fine cocktail establishment. These complimentary snacks are salted for a reason – they make you thirsty, so you’re more likely to drink more. But actually, nuts are an enjoyable pairing for cocktails. You don’t have to stick to the traditional peanuts. Here are some of our favourite nut and drink combinations.

Old Fashioned and Pecans

If you’ve ever been to a particularly high-class bar, you might have watched your bartender blending pecans to put in your Old Fashioned cocktail. Most don’t have the time, especially as the recipe doesn’t actually call for it, but you can get the same experience by having a small bowl of pecans alongside your cocktail. Sweeter versions pair better with the smooth bourbon, so look for nuts covered in caramel.

Margarita and Cashews

The silky soft cashew goes so beautifully with the sharp tequila of a Margarita. Both give off tropical holiday vibes,  and both are a naughty treat. You’ll only need a few Margaritas to earn a hangover, but at least a few cashew nuts will help soak it up a bit! Choose a roasted cashew nut, ideally with a coconut flavour, for the ultimate combo.

Chocolate Martini and Peanuts

Let’s be honest, a Chocolate Martini is almost a dessert, so it doesn’t necessarily need accompaniment. But if you do want to enhance your cocktail experience, peanuts are a great option. Leave those salted nuts to the beer drinkers – your Martini deserves some sophistication. Honey peanuts will taste beautiful alongside the decadant crème de cacao of your drink.

Martini and Almonds

There’s something classy about an almond which makes it the perfect match for a Martini. They also go well with Prosecco or Champagne. Add a little sweetness to the mix by choosing sugar-glazed almonds. This classic pair is always a winner.

Espresso Martini and Brazil Nuts

What goes well with coffee-based cocktails? Brazil nuts! These large, chewy nuts taste amazing with Espresso Martinis, perfectly balancing the tartness of the coffee and smooth Martini flavour. Roasted Brazil nuts work best for this match.

Swap the crisps for these nut-based snacks and enjoy a classier match. Nuts are a great choice for cocktail pairings, and there is something for everyone to enjoy. There’s no need to turn to boring peanuts anymore!

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