What cocktails can I make with Tito's, grapefruit juice, and tonic?

Cocktail Colin says:

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I have found a cocktail that perfectly matches your request for a drink made with Tito's vodka, grapefruit juice, and tonic. It is a refreshing and highly rated cocktail called Sloe Gin Fizz.
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You asked: cocktails with Tito's, grapefruit juice, and tonic. We found 10 cocktails answering the question.

Vodka Gimlet

The Vodka Gimlet is a classic cocktail that has been around since the early 20th century. It is believed to...

Vodka (75ml), Lime juice (Teaspoon), Lemon Juice (Teaspoon), Lime Cordial (7.5ml), Sugar Syrup (Teaspoon)

5 ingredients
4.9 / 5

Vodka And Tonic

The Vodka and Tonic is a refreshingly simple cocktail that combines the clear, smooth taste of vodka with the sharp,...

Vodka (30ml), Tonic water (Top up)

2 ingredients
4.6 / 5

Sloe Gin Fizz

The Sloe Gin Fizz is a classic cocktail that first emerged in the early 20th century. It is believed to...

Grapefruit Juice (30ml), Soda water (80ml), Sugar Syrup (10ml), Sloe Gin (60ml), Egg (1 egg white)

5 ingredients
4.54 / 5

Red Grapefruit Martini

The Red Grapefruit Martini is a zesty and refreshing cocktail with a tangy flavor profile. This concoction features the bold...

Cointreau (15 ml), Lime juice (Dash), Pink Grapefruit Juice (45 ml), Grapefruit vodka (60 ml)

4 ingredients
3.94 / 5

Orange Tic Tac

The Orange Tic Tac cocktail is an energetic, citrus-flavored drink that blends the sweetness and orange essence of Triple Sec,...

Triple Sec (Dash), Energy drink (120ml), Orange vodka (60ml)

3 ingredients
3.87 / 5

Pomegranate Gin And Tonic

The Pomegranate Gin And Tonic is a vibrant and refreshing cocktail that offers a fruity twist on the classic Gin...

Pomegranate Juice (60ml), Tonic water (Top Up), Dry gin (60ml)

3 ingredients
3.85 / 5


The G.T.O. is a complex cocktail that features a robust blend of spirits, combining the clear notes of vodka, the...

Vodka (30ml), Orange juice (120ml), Gin (30ml), White rum (30ml), Amaretto (30ml), Grenadine (30ml), Whiskey (30ml)

7 ingredients
3.66 / 5

Fruit Tingle

The Fruit Tingle cocktail is a vibrant and refreshing drink that captures the spirited essence of fruit-infused beverages. Echoing the...

Vodka (30ml), Soda water (Top up), Raspberry Syrup (15ml), Blue Curaçao (15ml)

4 ingredients
3.66 / 5

Greek Gin and Tonic

You might wonder if a gin and tonic is really a drink worthy of a post from us. But there...

Gin (60ml), Sugar Syrup (7.5ml), Tonic water (90ml), Cucumber (1), Rosemary (Sprig)

5 ingredients
3.61 / 5


A vodka-based cocktail with a balance of sweet tea and sour lemon.

Vodka (60ml), Lemon Juice (7.5ml), Iced tea (30ml)

3 ingredients
3.59 / 5


We've collated some quick fire Q&A's on the question to help you find exactly what you're looking for.

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What type of vodka is Tito's?

Tito's is a popular American vodka known for its smooth taste and is gluten-free. It is crafted in Texas and distilled from corn.

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Can grapefruit juice and tonic water be used together in cocktails?

Yes, grapefruit juice and tonic water can make a refreshing combination. The citrus flavors of grapefruit juice complement the bitter notes of tonic water.

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What types of drinks pair well with Tito's vodka?

Tito's vodka pairs well with a variety of mixers, including citrus juices, soda, tonic water, and various liqueurs. It is versatile for both cocktails and simple mixed drinks.

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How do you make a basic vodka tonic?

To make a basic vodka tonic, fill a glass with ice, add 1.5 ounces of vodka, and top up with tonic water. Garnish with a lime wedge or other citrus fruit for added flavor.

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Is Tito's vodka suitable for making cocktails?

Yes, Tito's vodka is highly suitable for making cocktails due to its smooth flavor. It mixes well with a wide range of ingredients, making it a great choice for various cocktails.

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