The World’s Best Swim-Up Bars

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The sun is shining, the pool is sparkling, and you are feeling paradise vibes. The only thing missing is a tasty cocktail. Luckily for you, the bar is just a short doggy paddle away! We’ve found the best swim-up bars in the world, so all you have to do is book the hotel and dream of your next holiday.

Intercontinental Hotel, Tahiti

They say paradise is a long way away, and that is definitely true for the island of Tahiti. Sat halfway between Australia and California, you’ll want the best of the best when you finally arrive. And that is what you’ll get!

The swim-up bar sits on the edge of the infinity pool, which offers incredible views of volcanic mountains, tropical flowers, and a lagoon that stretches out into the horizon.

Villa Fiorentino, Italy

If you are looking for a swim-up bar on a budget, then this is not the hotel for you. But you can stay nearby and purchase a day pass, allowing you to enjoy pure luxury for a fraction of the price.

With stunning views over Positano, this infinity pool is surrounded by citrus fruit trees, adding a tropical twist to your relaxation.

Hotel Werdenfelserei, Germany

This boutique wellness hotel sits in the middle of the alps, making the perfect backdrop for a tranquil stay. The vibe is complete rest and relaxation, but the swim-up bar does have music some evenings, so you can get your party on too!

The air is clean, the scenery is incredible, and the drinks can be enjoyed in the pool – what more could you want?

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The Palms, Turks and Caicos

If ever you needed a reason to visit the Caribbean, this hotel is it. Not only is it sat on one of the most beautiful beaches in the world, but it also has an infinity pool complete with a swim-up bar!

If you rather sit and soak in the view, you’ll adore the hot tub island. Basically, if you are looking for the ultimate utopia, this is it!

Blue Lagoon, Iceland

The other pools are nice, but there is something very man-made about them all. The natural geothermal Blue Lagoon offers a completely unique experience. Providing mud masks and towels, guests can take a dip in the naturally heated water sitting in the heart of a volcanic landscape while sipping on cocktails from the bar.

We might only be halfway through February, but these beautiful bars can help cure you of the winter blues!

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