The Travelling Cocktail Drinker: The Best Bars in Lima

Peru is not traditionally considered to be a typical holiday destination for many, but the beautiful country on the west coast of South America has an awful lot to offer. As well as the incredible diverse landscapes, unique history and amazing opportunities to indulge your inner thrill-seeker, there are also some pretty great cocktail bars! Here are some of our favourites!

Carnaval, Av. Pardo y Aliaga 662

Any bar that employs an ice chef is sure to be impressive. Working in his own ice room, the artist chips away to create the most perfect ice shapes to accompany the delicious beverages served at the bar. The cocktail menu is a Peruvian masterpiece, making use of the 300 different types of spirits on offer. Served in cups crafted by local craftsmen, this bar serves up signature cocktail options that you won't find anywhere else.

Ayahuasca, Av. San Martin 130. Barranco

A bar that has been welcoming patrons since 2008, Ayahuasca offers an experience. If you are looking for a quiet drinking hole, this carnival-themed bar is not for you! With fun on every level, it also provides an extensive cocktail list. The majority of the drinks have been created using Pisco, as the owner is keen to establish a strong sense of cultural identity.

Orient Express Bar, 463 Boulevard El Suche, Miraflores

All aboard the Orient Express Bar for a laid-back evening that will involve some of the best Pisco Sours you'll ever find! Of course, this bar is not really set on an old train, but once you step through the door you'll feel as though you are travelling to far away climes. This is a unique bar worth visiting if you should be in the area.

Gran Hotel Bolivar, Jirón de la Unión 958

If you are travelling to Peru to learn more about the history, then a trip to the Gran Hotel Bolivar bar is a must. Ask the bar staff all about its past, remembering that Walt Disney and Ernest Hemmingway have both been patrons of this bar. While you are there, you may as well take some time to enjoy a Pisco Cathedral cocktail - their potent, but delicious, signature drink.

Huaringas Bar, Ca. Bolognesi 460 (Plaza Bolognesi)

A place that regularly attracts the fashionistas in town, Huaringas is a trendy establishment that serves up Pisco by the bucket-load! Whether you have it as a Sour, with passion fruit or as part of one of the other irresistible cocktails, you won't be disappointed.

A trip to Peru should definitely be on your travel bucket -list, especially if you are a fan of Pisco.

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Stirring cocktails instead of shaking is better for cocktails with delicate ingredients that need to be mixed gently for the perfect taste.

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