How to Make the Perfect Gin and Tonic

It is one of the simplest and most popular cocktails in the world, but there is more to creating the perfect G&T than you might think. If you take the time to get all the elements just right, you can take your favourite drink to a whole other level.

Choosing Your Ingredients

Getting the gin right can be the difference between a cocktail that is so-so and one that is so-good! This ingredient is often a matter of preference, but if you want the most authentic cocktail, then you’ll be looking for a dry, piney gin. The Gin and Tonic cocktail was first created in India in the 19th century, where quinine was needed to combat malaria. The gin was added to make the quinine easier to drink, so getting the alcohol right is the most important part of the battle.

When it comes to the tonic, quality matters. Cheaper tonics tend to be filled with additives that will negatively affect the taste of your cocktail. Look for finer bubbles and shorter ingredients lists for best results.

Getting the Mix Right

A good Gin and Tonic is all about ratios. As a rough guide, your drink should be made up of one part gin and three parts tonic. If you prefer a double measure of gin, you’ll want to double up your tonic too!

It has become fashionable to enjoy G&T in a large bowl glass, but a Collins glass is still the preferred shape for this classic cocktail. This straight, tall glass is better at containing the bubbles so that you don’t lose any of your drink to the effervescence.

Finally, large ice cubes should be used. These solid chunks melt slowly, unlike ice shavings which will dilute your drink before you have had a chance to finish it. The ice cubes should be placed in the glass first, followed by the gin and then the tonic. Resist the temptation to stir your drink, as this will reduce the bubbles. This fizzy sensation is a key part of what makes this drink so delicious!

Finishing Touches

Of course, your Gin and Tonic isn’t complete without a good garnish. There are varying opinions on what makes the best garnish for your G&T, but most mixologists agree that a good wedge of lime works well. You can either squeeze the lime into the drink and then add it to the mixture, or balance it on the rim of the glass.

If something is worth doing, it is worth doing well. Use these tips to get your Gin and Tonic right every single time!

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