What cocktails can I make with rum, vermouth, and peach liqueur?

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Based on the ingredients you provided—rum, vermouth, and peach liqueur—there appears to be a close match among the cocktails listed. The cocktail "Juicy" features white rum and peach liqueur, ticking off two of your key ingredients. Although it doesn't contain vermouth, it offers a twist on the Cuban Sidecar by replacing Cointreau with peach liqueur. This mix results in a vibrant blend of citrus and peach flavors, enhanced by the robust notes of rum. With a respectable rating of 3.95/5, it should provide an enjoyable and refreshing experience.

While there isn't a cocktail from the provided list that includes all three specific ingredients exactly, the description and ingredients of "Juicy" make it a closest match and a tasty option to consider. This cocktail is served cold, shaken, not stirred, and highlights the fruity essence of peach liqueur which pairs wonderfully with rum, making it a delightful choice for those looking to explore a refreshing peach-flavored drink.

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You asked: Rum cocktails with vermouth and peach liqueur. We found 10 cocktails answering the question.

She's a Peach

Created by Danielle Tatarin of The Designer Cocktail Company, and featured in British Columbia 'Taste' magazine in an article for...

Lemon Juice (15 ml), Black rum (45 ml), Peach Nectar (15 ml), Ginger Syrup (15 ml)

4 ingredients
4.72 / 5

Peach Bellini

The Peach Bellini is a variation of the classic Bellini, a cocktail which traditionally blends prosecco with peach puree. In...

White rum (60ml), Champagne / prosecco (30ml), Peach (1)

3 ingredients
4.7 / 5

Martin's Rum

Martin's Rum is a warm and potent cocktail that combines the citrusy tang of lime, orange, and lemon juices with...

Lime juice (22.5ml), Orange juice (45ml), Lemon Juice (22.5ml), Dark rum (37.5ml), Whiskey (7.5ml), Sugar Syrup (10ml), Sugar (Teaspoon), Overproof rum (37.5ml)

8 ingredients
4.56 / 5


This is a variation on the Cuban Sidecar in which the Cointreau is replaced with a peach liqueur. I doubt...

Lime juice (22.5ml), White rum (30ml), Peach Liqueur (30ml)

3 ingredients
3.95 / 5


The "Summertime" cocktail offers a refreshing blend suitable for warm weather sipping. It features the rich and complex flavors of...

Dark rum (30ml), Soda water (60ml), Drambuie (30ml)

3 ingredients
3.93 / 5

Lazy Ride

The Lazy Ride cocktail is a fruity and tropical concoction that combines the sweet, creamy flavor of coconut rum with...

Coconut rum (30ml), Peach Schnapps (30ml), Orange juice (Top up), Lemonade (Top up), Vodka (30ml)

5 ingredients
3.82 / 5

Rum Crusta

The Rum Crusta is a cocktail with a rich, dark complexity, served in the tradition of a classic Crusta with...

Lemon Juice (15ml), Dark rum (150ml), Angostura Bitters (Dash)

3 ingredients
3.81 / 5

Peachy Backside

This can be annoyingly sweet but if you're a candy nut then it should go down a treat. Enjoy your...

Peach Schnapps (30ml), White rum (30ml), Lemonade (300ml), Lime Cordial (30ml), Blue Curaçao (30ml)

5 ingredients
3.75 / 5

Peach Daiquiri

The Peach Daiquiri is a fruity and refreshing variation of the classic Daiquiri, which traditionally combines rum, citrus, and sugar....

Peach Schnapps (30ml), White rum (60ml), Peach (1 cup/120g)

3 ingredients
3.57 / 5

Peach Martini

The Peach Martini is a delightful twist on the classic Martini, blending the crisp botanical notes of gin with the...

Peach Schnapps (45ml), Gin (45ml)

2 ingredients
3.56 / 5


We've collated some quick fire Q&A's on the question to help you find exactly what you're looking for.

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What can you mix with rum?

Rum is incredibly versatile and can be mixed with fruit juices like pineapple, orange, and lime, as well as soda, tonic, and even coffee for different flavor profiles.

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What does vermouth add to a cocktail?

Vermouth adds a complex layer of herbal and slightly bitter notes to cocktails, enhancing the flavor and aroma of the drink.

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What are some popular peach liqueur cocktails?

Peach liqueur is often used in cocktails for its sweet and fruity profile. It pairs well with other ingredients to create refreshing drinks.

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How do you make a cocktail more refreshing?

To make a cocktail more refreshing, use ingredients like citrus juices, mint, and light spirits. Serving the cocktail cold, with ice, also helps.

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What are the basic steps to shake a cocktail?

Fill a shaker with ice, add your ingredients, close the shaker, and shake vigorously for 10-15 seconds. Strain the mixture into your glass.

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