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If you're in the mood for a cocktail with coconut rum, you're in for a treat as several delightful options range from tropical and refreshing to rich and indulgent experiences. Here are some enticing choices, ordered by their rating to help you decide: Coconut Elixir boasts a stellar rating of 4.6/5. This tropical concoction brings the creamy notes of coconut rum and pairs them with the crispness of vodka and the sweet, fruity undertones of melon liqueur. A hint of mint syrup adds a refreshing twist, making it a harmonious and balanced drink perfect for any tropical cocktail enthusiast. Served in a sleek cocktail glass, it's shaken to perfection, exuding an exotic appearance and taste. Coconut Sea Breeze, with a rating of 3.97/5, offers a refreshing escape with its tangy cranberry and grapefruit juices, balanced beautifully by the sweetness of coconut rum. This long drink, typically presented in a cocktail glass, has a vibrant pink hue, making it visually appealing. It's perfect for those hot summer days or beach parties, sending your taste buds on a mini-vacation with each sip. If you're looking for something a bit more familiar yet with a twist, the Piña Colada #2 rated 3.82/5, could be perfect. It maintains the beloved creamy coconut and zesty pineapple juice combo but adds a citrusy kick from orange juice. Not shaken or stirred, this variant enhances the classic flavors and makes for a refreshing, tropical escape in a glass. For a quick, dessert-like shot, consider the Coconut Ice, holding a rating of 3.79/5. This visually striking shooter combines sweet coconut rum and fruity strawberry liqueur, served in a shot glass with a sugared rim for extra elegance and sweetness. This fun and festive cocktail is quick to enjoy and perfect for showcasing the flavors of summer vacations and exotic beaches. All these options highlight the versatility and delightful taste of coconut rum, ensuring you find something that matches your mood and palate.

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Coconut rum

You asked: What drinks can I make with coconut rum?. We found 10 cocktails answering the question.

Coconut Elixir

The Coconut Elixir is a tropical-inspired concoction that brings together the rich, creamy flavors of coconut rum with the clean,...

Coconut rum (60ml), Vodka (30ml), Melon liqueur (15ml), Mint Syrup (15ml)

4 ingredients
4.6 / 5

Coconut Sea Breeze

The Coconut Sea Breeze is a refreshing and tropical cocktail that is sure to transport you to a sunny beach...

Cranberry Juice (Top up), Coconut rum (45ml), Grapefruit Juice (Top up)

3 ingredients
3.97 / 5

Piña Colada #2

The Piña Colada #2 is a tropical cocktail that offers a tantalizing twist on the classic Piña Colada by incorporating...

Coconut rum (37.5ml), Pineapple Juice (Top up), Orange juice (Top up)

3 ingredients
3.82 / 5

Coconut Ice

The Coconut Ice cocktail is a visually striking and tropical-inspired concoction served in a shot glass. It features a blend...

Coconut rum (15ml), Strawberry liqueur (15ml), Sugar (Pinch)

3 ingredients
3.79 / 5

Sofla Nectar

The Sofla Nectar cocktail offers a tropical and refreshing experience, primarily highlighting the sweet and creamy flavor profile of coconut...

Coconut rum (60ml), Lemon Juice (Dash)

2 ingredients
3.76 / 5

Jamaican Dream

This cocktail give you that chilled out Jamaican feeling and is fab to drink in the summer months. But be...

Coconut rum (60ml), Pineapple Juice (30ml), White rum (60ml), Grenadine (Dash), Mango Juice (60ml)

5 ingredients
3.65 / 5

Mango Rum And Coke

The Mango Rum and Coke cocktail is a tropical twist on the classic Rum and Coke. Served in a lowball...

Cola (Top up), Mango rum (30ml)

2 ingredients
3.58 / 5

Spiced Island

Jill literally dreams up her recipes. They come to her in her sleep. ~ Jill Erlinger Ike (the Mad Chemist)...

Coconut rum (30ml), Pineapple Juice (120ml), Grenadine (Teaspoon), Spiced rum (30ml)

4 ingredients
3.58 / 5

Coconut Cloud Martini

One of the signature Martinis of Tommy Bahama restaurant.

White rum (30ml), Coconut rum (45ml), Coconut Cream (15ml), Vanilla vodka (45ml)

4 ingredients
3.55 / 5


The KC's cocktail is a refreshing and tropical blend that transports you to a sunny beach with its combination of...

Coconut rum (15ml), Pineapple Juice (Top up), Melon liqueur (15ml), White rum (15ml)

4 ingredients
3.54 / 5


We've collated some quick fire Q&A's on the question to help you find exactly what you're looking for.

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What is coconut rum?

Coconut rum is a flavored spirit made by infusing white rum with natural coconut flavor. It is often used in tropical cocktails for its sweet and exotic taste.

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What mixers go well with coconut rum?

Coconut rum pairs well with a variety of mixers including pineapple juice, cranberry juice, cola, and coconut cream. These mixers highlight the tropical and sweet flavors of the rum.

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Is coconut rum gluten-free?

Most coconut rums are gluten-free, but it's always a good idea to check the label or contact the manufacturer to be certain.

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How should I serve a coconut rum cocktail?

Coconut rum cocktails are typically served either in a highball glass or a cocktail glass, depending on the recipe. They are often garnished with tropical fruits or a sugared rim.

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Can I make a low-calorie drink with coconut rum?

Yes, you can make a low-calorie coconut rum drink by mixing it with diet soda, sparkling water, or fresh fruit juices without added sugar.

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