Show me some cocktails with vodka, ginger beer, cola, and apple.

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I have found some cocktails that include vodka and ginger beer, as well as apple-related ingredients. Based on your preferences for these ingredients, here are the top recommendations: 1. A cocktail that combines vodka, lime juice, and ginger beer with a high rating of 4.63/5. 2. Another popular option is a cocktail with lime juice, mint leaves, ginger beer, sugar syrup, white rum, and ginger, with a rating of 4.6/5. 3. You might also enjoy a cocktail with lime juice, mint leaves, ginger ale, apple liqueur, apple juice, and apple vodka, scoring 4.4/5. These cocktails offer a combination of flavors incorporating vodka, ginger beer, and apple-related ingredients to create a delicious and refreshing drink.
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You asked: Cocktails with vodka and ginger beer. We found 10 cocktails answering the question.

Moscow Mule

Moscow Mule is a classic cocktail with a rich history and a refreshing flavour profile. It is believed to have...

Vodka (45ml), Lime juice (10ml), Ginger Beer (120ml)

3 ingredients
4.63 / 5

Ginger Mojito

The Ginger Mojito is a zesty twist on the classic Mojito cocktail. This refreshing beverage expertly blends the warmth of...

Lime juice (15ml), Mint Leaves (12), Ginger Beer (Top up), Sugar Syrup (15ml), White rum (30ml), Ginger (3 pieces)

6 ingredients
4.6 / 5

Vodka Collins

The Vodka Collins is a refreshing, effervescent cocktail that finds its roots in the family of Collins drinks, characterized primarily...

Lemon Juice (30ml), Soda water (Top up), Sugar Syrup (15ml), Vodka (60ml)

4 ingredients
4.5 / 5

Apple Martini

The Apple Martini, also known as the "Appletini," is a crisp and sweet concoction that brings a fruity twist to...

Vodka (45ml), Cointreau (15ml), Apple schnapps (15ml)

3 ingredients
4.41 / 5

Jamaican Apple Mule

The Jamaican Apple Mule is a refreshing and zesty cocktail that offers a tropical twist on the classic mule. With...

Lime juice (10ml), Mint Leaves (6), Ginger Ale (Top up), Apple liqueur (20ml), Apple Juice (50ml), Apple vodka (50ml)

6 ingredients
4.4 / 5

Apple Spice

The Apple Spice cocktail is a delightful blend that brings out the warmth of the fall season in a glass....

Vodka (90ml), Apple Juice (90ml), Sugar (Teaspoon), Cinnamon (Teaspoon)

4 ingredients
3.95 / 5

Cinnamon Cracker

The Cinnamon Cracker cocktail is a delightful fusion of sweet and spice. This cocktail combines the refreshing taste of apple...

Apple Juice (120ml), Vodka (60ml), Cinnamon (Pinch)

3 ingredients
3.85 / 5

Ginger Puss

The Ginger Puss is a refreshing cocktail that combines the zesty fizz of lemonade with the botanical notes of gin...

Lemonade (90ml), Gin (30ml), Apple schnapps (30ml)

3 ingredients
3.83 / 5

Apple Iced Tea

The Apple Iced Tea is a refreshing and fruity cocktail that blends the crisp flavors of apple with the tangy...

Vodka (15ml), White rum (15ml), Gin (15ml), Lemon-Lime soda (Top up), Apple Juice (45ml), Apple schnapps (15ml)

6 ingredients
3.75 / 5

Swedish Mule

The Swedish Mule is a refreshing cocktail that takes a Scandinavian twist on the classic Moscow Mule. Traditionally served in...

Vodka (60ml), Lime juice (30ml), Sugar Syrup (15ml), Ginger Beer (120ml)

4 ingredients
3.71 / 5


We've collated some quick fire Q&A's on the question to help you find exactly what you're looking for.

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What flavors blend well with vodka in cocktails?

Vodka is highly versatile and blends well with a variety of flavors, including citrus, berries, herbs, and spices. It pairs particularly well with ginger beer and apple-related ingredients due to its neutral profile.

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What is the difference between ginger beer and ginger ale in cocktails?

Ginger beer is brewed and fermented, resulting in a stronger ginger flavor and slight spiciness, whereas ginger ale is a carbonated soft drink with a milder ginger taste. The choice can affect the flavor intensity of vodka cocktails.

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How should vodka be stored for making cocktails?

Vodka should be stored in a cool, dark place to maintain its quality. Many prefer to keep it in the freezer so that it is immediately chilled and ready for mixing cocktails.

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Is ginger beer alcoholic?

Ginger beer usually contains a small amount of alcohol due to its fermentation process, but it is often labeled as non-alcoholic when the alcohol content is below a certain threshold.

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Can I make ginger beer at home for cocktails?

Yes, ginger beer can be made at home using fresh ginger, sugar, water, and yeast. The homemade version can offer a more robust flavor and spiciness, enhancing the taste of your vodka cocktails.

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