Show some cocktails with a theme. Gin or vodka-based. Possible to make alcohol-free.

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I have found some cocktails with a theme of gin or vodka-based that you might enjoy. These cocktails can also be made alcohol-free, allowing you to enjoy the flavors without the alcohol content. Here are the cocktails in descending order of rating: 1. **Cocktail ID: 2063** 2. **Cocktail ID: 6803** 3. **Cocktail ID: 7698** 4. **Cocktail ID: 7442** 5. **Cocktail ID: 8182** 6. **Cocktail ID: 2437** 7. **Cocktail ID: 8519** 8. **Cocktail ID: 7605** 9. **Cocktail ID: 8737**
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Gin or vodka

You asked: Gin or vodka cocktails that can be made alcohol-free. We found 10 cocktails answering the question.

Vodka Gimlet

The Vodka Gimlet is a classic cocktail that has been around since the early 20th century. It is believed to...

Vodka (75ml), Lime juice (Teaspoon), Lemon Juice (Teaspoon), Lime Cordial (7.5ml), Sugar Syrup (Teaspoon)

5 ingredients
4.9 / 5

Vodka Collins

The Vodka Collins is a refreshing, effervescent cocktail that finds its roots in the family of Collins drinks, characterized primarily...

Lemon Juice (30ml), Soda water (Top up), Sugar Syrup (15ml), Vodka (60ml)

4 ingredients
4.5 / 5

Gin And Tonic

The Gin and Tonic is a classic cocktail known for its refreshing and simplistic nature, often enjoyed as a casual...

Gin (30ml), Tonic water (Top up)

2 ingredients
4.5 / 5

Gin Fizz

Gin Fizz is a popular cocktail that originated in the United States in the late 19th century. It is a...

Lemon Juice (30ml), Gin (45ml), Soda water (Splash), Sugar Syrup (10ml)

4 ingredients
4.37 / 5

Elderflower Gin & Tonic

The Elderflower Gin & Tonic is a refreshing and floral twist on the classic gin and tonic. It combines the...

Gin (60ml), Lime (Wedge), Tonic water (Top up), Elderflower Liqueur (30ml)

4 ingredients
3.99 / 5

Gin and Cucumber

The Gin and Cucumber cocktail is a refreshing blend that highlights the botanical qualities of gin with the cool, crisp...

Lemon Juice (30ml), Gin (60ml), Sugar Syrup (15ml), Tonic water (300ml), Cucumber (5 slices)

5 ingredients
3.84 / 5

Gin and Tonic with Cucumber Slices

The Gin and Tonic with Cucumber Slices is a refreshing twist on the classic gin and tonic, a beloved cocktail...

Mint Leaves (4), Lime (2 slices), Tonic water (200ml), Cucumber (2 slices), Dry gin (60ml)

5 ingredients
3.67 / 5

Greek Gin and Tonic

You might wonder if a gin and tonic is really a drink worthy of a post from us. But there...

Gin (60ml), Sugar Syrup (7.5ml), Tonic water (90ml), Cucumber (1), Rosemary (Sprig)

5 ingredients
3.61 / 5

Gin Garden Martini

The Gin Garden Martini is a refreshing and botanical cocktail that marries the classic spirit of gin with the crispness...

Gin (60ml), Apple Juice (30ml), Cucumber (Half ), Elderflower Cordial (15ml)

4 ingredients
3.58 / 5


The Ibiza cocktail is a vibrant and potent mix of spirits and citrus that captures the essence of its namesake's...

Vodka (15ml), Lime juice (10ml), Gin (15ml), White rum (15ml), Lemon-Lime soda (90ml), Tequila (15ml), Cherry Brandy (15ml)

7 ingredients
3.57 / 5


We've collated some quick fire Q&A's on the question to help you find exactly what you're looking for.

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Can gin and vodka cocktails be made alcohol-free?

Yes, gin and vodka cocktails can be made alcohol-free by using non-alcoholic gin or vodka alternatives or simply omitting the spirits and adjusting the mixers to maintain flavor.

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How can I make a non-alcoholic Vodka Collins?

To make a non-alcoholic Vodka Collins, replace the vodka with a non-alcoholic spirit and mix with lemon juice, sugar syrup, and soda water.

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What is a refreshing gin-based cocktail for a hot day?

A Gin and Tonic is a refreshing choice for a hot day, made with gin and tonic water, and often garnished with lime or cucumber slices.

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What mixers pair well with gin?

Gin pairs well with tonic water, soda water, lime juice, and various fruit juices. It also complements flavors like cucumber, mint, and elderflower.

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How can I make a non-alcoholic Gin and Tonic?

To make a non-alcoholic Gin and Tonic, use a non-alcoholic gin alternative and mix it with tonic water. Garnish with fresh lime or cucumber slices for added flavor.

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