Iconic Irish Cocktails

  • 17th May 2022

A cocktail is a mixed drink, often using a distilled liquor or beer. There are hundreds of different cocktail recipes from around the world and the cocktails available will often depend on the country in which you reside, with Ireland being a good example. Ireland has a variety of different cocktails to offer to any cocktail lover.

Irish Coffee

This is perhaps the best-known Irish cocktail and is often served after a meal. The ingredients of an Irish coffee are Irish whiskey, hot coffee, and sugar topped with cream. The coffee is enjoyed through the cream rather than the cream first and the drink later. The pouring of the cream is a crucial step when creating an Irish coffee. The cream must be poured over the back of a spoon, held just above the surface of the drink. Irish Coffee has a rich flavour from the coffee and a sweet taste.

Black Velvet

When in Ireland, you must try the Guinness but rather than having a standard pint, why not try a Black Velvet cocktail? Black Velvet is a beer-based cocktail and includes sparking white wine (champagne) and stout (Guinness). The combination of the two drinks is 50/50, meaning Black Velvet is one of the easiest Irish cocktails to make. It was often given to mourners following a funeral but has since become a drink of choice at any time. Think of fruit dipped in dark chocolate and you begin to get an idea of the taste.

Irish Eyes

The Irish Eyes cocktail has been given its name due to the bright green colour of the beverage. The drink is often served on St. Patrick’s Day to the love of your life along with the phrase ‘Tá tú go h-álainn,’ which means ‘You’re beautiful.’ Irish Eyes is a blend of Irish whiskey, green crème de menthe, and cream. The recipe is as simple as mixing the three ingredients together in a cocktail shaker but the cream you use has an impact on the flavour of the drink. The heavier the cream, the richer the drink.

Black and Gold

For those who cannot decide what beer to order, the Black and Gold cocktail is the perfect combination. The cocktail includes a pale ale and a stout. The pale ale sits at the bottom of the drink and the stout sits on the top when poured correctly, leading to a perfect separation between the two. The name Black and Gold comes from the split between the two drinks, but it is worth noting, this drink does have political meaning in Ireland. So, you may want to choose something else when visiting the country.

Irish Blonde

We return to Irish whiskey with this cocktail and the Irish Blonde is a delicious mix of Irish whiskey, fino sherry, orange curacao, and orange bitters. The Irish Blonde is considered a modern cocktail in comparison to the others highlighted on this page, but it has become popular around the world. To make the Irish Blonde, all the ingredients are added to a mixing glass with ice and strained into a chilled glass, ready to drink. This silky and gently sweet cocktail is perfect for celebrations, including St. Patrick’s Day.

To Conclude

These are just five of the best Irish cocktails, as there are many more available, including Pickleback, Irish Manhattan, and Whiskey Tonic. The only difficulty when ordering an Irish cocktail or making one at home, is which one to choose. They each have their own style, flavour, and history.

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