Five cocktails for a leap year

8th January 2024

We think leap years are for celebrating! How will you spend your extra day? Maybe you’d like to learn a new cocktail or party with your friends and family? Perhaps you’re a woman thinking of proposing to her partner, as per leap year tradition? Or maybe its just another day of work and business as usual for you (in which case, you deserve a tasty cocktail!) However you like to while away the 29th February, we think these cocktails will sweeten the experience.

Leap Year

The most obvious cocktail for this month is the Leap Year. This irresistible blend of Grand Marnier Cordon Rouge, Sweet Vermouth, dry gin and Old Tom gin is balanced with lemon juice to make for a potent cocktail. This tipple has been pulled out of the Savoy Cocktail book every four years since 1928, proving itself to be a classic drink, despite its ability to make you lose that extra day!

P.s I Love You

An important thing to add to your proposal speech, this cocktail works as a celebration of an accepted engagement and a declaration of love. And it tastes amazing too! Made with Kahlua, rum, amaretto, Amarula and double cream, it is the perfect drink for such a special day.

Forgotten Night

When you get a bonus day, you can afford to lose some of it to drunkenness! This is a drink that will help you do exactly that! And you’ll enjoy yourself too, with this delicious combination of vodka, Peach Schnapps, Blue Bols, lemonade and grenadine. It’s a super-sweet way to spend your Leap Day!

Birthday Bash Party

If you only get a birthday once every four years, you need to make sure you celebrate in style! This Birthday Bash Party cocktail is just the ticket! Made with white wine, Midori, apple juice and lime juice, this drink is the perfect thing to get the party started and keep it going till dawn! Don’t worry – you’ll have four whole years to recover before you have to do it again!

Pardon the interruption

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Ruby Thursday

This year, 29th February lands on a Thursday, so there was only one cocktail left to round off this blog post. Ruby Thursday combines Campari, Martini Rosso and Tequila Reposado for a toxic but scrumptious way to celebrate this very special Thursday!

It only comes once every four years, so make this leap year one to remember with these yummy cocktails.

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