The Best Pub Gardens in the World

8th January 2024

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At the time of writing this blog post, lockdown restrictions are easing in the UK. From April 12th, any bars or pubs that have an outdoor space can start to serve alcohol again. Hurray! This seemed like the perfect time to celebrate beer gardens around the world, as we do like to sip our cocktails in the most stylish of surroundings!

Zugspitze Beer Garden, Bavaria, Germany

More pre-ski than apres-ski, this idyllic balcony sits atop the highest mountain in Germany. The only way to get to it is by cable car or the cogwheel railway, unless you've got your walking boots and a real thirst on, and the best way to get back home is to ski! Once in the beer garden, you'll appreciate stunning views like nowhere else in the world, at the top of Germany.

Chinesischer Turm, Munich, Germany

Staying in Germany, the Chinesischer Turm also has an incredible self-service beer garden with space for up to 7,000 people to bask in the glory of the gorgeous Chinese Tower. This beautiful structure sits 82-feet high and is surrounded by an English garden, making this a strikingly pretty place to enjoy a cold cocktail.

The Rathskeller - Indianapolis, USA

Named one of America's best beer gardens, The Rathskeller also boasts one of the oldest restaurants in Indianapolis. This beer garden might be in the US, but it has a German theme, which really seems to be one of the deciding factors in this list! The large garden has a huge outdoor stage that regularly hosts live music, making for an entertaining afternoon in the sunshine.

Mt Takao Beer Mount, Tokyo, Japan

This incredible beer garden in Tokyo is so popular that it only needs to open for part of the year - so if you do intend to visit, check the opening hours! It is the highest beer garden in the city, at 500m above sea level and it is surrounded by some of the most amazing sky-scraper buildings. The best time to visit is at night, when you can get up close-and-personal with the stars and contemplate the meaning of life while enjoying an all-you-can eat menu.

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AugustinerBräustübl, Salzburg, Austria

With space for 1,000 thirsty locals, this gastgarten is one of the pride and joys of the city. With tables arranged under stately chestnut trees, you can soak up the energies of the green environment while sipping away your hours. Once an Augustine monastery, this pub now has its own brewery, with beer poured straight from the barrel and real steins rinsed under a well before use.

With so many amazing pub gardens around the world, it was difficult to narrow it down to just five. We say, any garden with a view and a cocktail works great for us!

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