Spirit of the Cotswold Review

8th January 2024

We recently got our hands on a new batch of Spirit of the Cotswold's entrants into the spirit world with the Spirit of the Cotswold Gin, and Spirit of the Cotswold Vodka.
Spirit of The Cotswold Gin

The Cotswolds Gin has been made to reflect the character of the beautiful Cotswold countryside. Subtle, clean and pure on the palate, it is one of the lighter styles of gin to have ventured into my glass in recent times.

On the nose, lime and lemon balm are dominant, hinting at a warm citrus note to come, with juniper playing a very restrained role. The palate is immediately rustic, warming and with a lemon oil hit, but as the citrus fades a pleasant nutty flavour lingers on the tongue. The hops inherited from the distillers’ brewing background give the gin an extra layer of complexity, and taken neat there is much to enjoy after swallowing.

To get the best of this gin, look to serve it with ingredients that will not overpower its delicate charms: its spirit is rural tranquility, not bustling activity. Try with herbs or berries that will enhance that nutty finish, or with the gentlest tonic water to ensure you don’t lose the subtlety of the citrus profile.

Spirit of The Cotswold Vodka

A new entrant into the world of vodka, the team behind the Cotswold Brewing Company have leapt straight into the market and produced something exceptionally smooth and elegant. Distilled five times, the spirit arrives in your mouth pure and with the very subtlest woody notes. Most noticeable is the mouthfeel: creamy and thick, which makes drinking it a very satisfying experience - serve well chilled and/or shaken to bring more of that indulgent texture out.

A noticeable characteristic of the vodka which contributes further to its physical sensation in the mouth is the relatively low alcohol level (38%). Being slightly less strong than most mass-market spirits, each sip can be entertained on the palate for a little longer - there is no aggressive burn, and none of the industrial overtones that can leave vodka needing to be drowned in mixer before you can stand to taste it.

This is a soft and enjoyable vodka, easy to sip and with a very pleasant texture. It would be at its best in short cocktails, savoured with a little garnish, or paired with spicy flavours that provide contrast to its creamy, delicate qualities. Alternatively, place the bottle in the middle of the table and sip it ice cold with a group of discerning friends.


Both can be found on their website here: http://spiritofthecotswolds.co.uk/

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