Game of Thrones Cocktails

8th January 2024

Ever wondered where mixologists – formally known as ‘bartenders’ – take their inspiration from? To where, or when, they look in wonder to get their muse’s juices flowing? In other words, how are cocktails born?
In the old days they must have gotten their inspiration from nature, or from the scent of the woman they adored. These days, they need to look no further than the screens surrounding them, the screens that inside them strange and wonderful worlds exist, a fertile ground for inspiration to grow and blossom.

Alas - the cries of battle, the lust of warriors, the flight of dragons, the angst of queens; it is The Game of Thrones. Who can think of a better ground to harvest inspiration from for cocktails?

For us, the common people, the work of the mixologist compares to that of a magician. We, the common people, can only imagine life with such blessed taste buds, thunderous nostrils and a keen sense of weaving flavors.

We approached one of these rare individuals, the Mixologist of Charm, Adam Walsh of the famed Dublin pub Peruke & Periwig and asked him to turn TV fascination into drinkable magic. Needless to say, Adam has accepted the challenge and returned triumphant.

So without further ado, here they are, a trio of cocktails that celebrate the greatest show on earth.

And a word of un-warning – do try them at home!

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Bartender's top tip

Balance is key in mixology. Always measure ingredients. A dash less or more can transform a drink. Experiment with fresh garnishes; they can elevate even the simplest cocktails to new heights.

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