What cocktails can I make with Baileys, creme de cacao, banana liqueur, and cranberry juice?

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It looks like you're interested in a cocktail that blends Bailey's, Crème de Cacao, Banana Liqueur, and Cranberry Juice. While none of the cocktails in the list specifically use Crème de Cacao or Cranberry Juice, I can suggest a combination based on the closest matches and your desired ingredients. For a creamy and indulgent experience similar to the cocktails listed, why not create your own inspired concoction? Start with the richness of Bailey's and Banana Liqueur, as seen in the "Banana Bread" cocktail. The addition of Crème de Cacao will introduce a chocolatey depth to the drink, reminiscent of the "Chocolate Jojo Ivory". To finish, the cranberry juice will add a delightful tartness and vibrant color, creating a unique and exciting flavor profile. Here’s a quick suggestion for your custom cocktail:

  • 30ml Bailey's
  • 30ml Crème de Cacao
  • 30ml Banana Liqueur
  • 60ml Cranberry Juice
Shake these ingredients with ice and strain into a chilled cocktail glass for a creamy, fruity, and slightly tart treat. Enjoy your custom blend!

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You asked: Cocktails with Baileys, creme de cacao, banana liqueur, and cranberry juice. We found 10 cocktails answering the question.

Banana Bread

The Banana Bread cocktail is a sumptuous and rich dessert drink that combines the creamy texture of Bailey's with the...

Bailey's (15ml), Amaretto (15ml), Banana liqueur (30ml), Cream (60ml), Frangelico (15ml)

5 ingredients
4.2 / 5

Brown Eyed Girl

The Brown Eyed Girl cocktail is a rich and creamy blend of flavors that is sure to satisfy any sweet...

Bailey's (30ml), Coffee liqueur (30ml), Vodka (60ml), Cream (30ml), Creme De Banane (30ml)

5 ingredients
4 / 5

Monkey In A Tree

The Monkey In A Tree is a rich and indulgent cocktail that weaves together creamy, sweet, and tropical notes for...

Bailey's (30ml), Coffee liqueur (30ml), Cream (Top up), Creme De Banane (30ml)

4 ingredients
3.91 / 5

Baileys Banana

Baileys Banana is a creamy and indulgent cocktail that is perfect for those who enjoy a touch of sweetness in...

Bailey's (30ml), Milk (90ml), Banana liqueur (15ml), Cream (90ml), Banana (Half )

5 ingredients
3.84 / 5

Creamy Cracker

Creamy Cracker is a decadent cocktail that combines the rich and creamy notes of Bailey's with the smooth and crisp...

Bailey's (120ml), Vodka (120ml), Milk (Top up)

3 ingredients
3.78 / 5

Irish Cactus

The Irish Cactus is a unique blend of creamy and earthy tones, combining the smooth, rich flavor of Bailey's Irish...

Bailey's (60ml), Tequila (30ml)

2 ingredients
3.78 / 5

Irish Monkey

The Irish Monkey is a playful and creamy cocktail that offers a delightful blend of Irish cream and sweet banana...

Bailey's (Top up), Banana liqueur (30ml)

2 ingredients
3.75 / 5

Banana Split

The Banana Split cocktail is a delicious and creamy drink that combines the flavors of a classic dessert with the...

Bailey's (60ml), Milk (Dash), Creme De Banane (60ml), Tequila (60ml)

4 ingredients
3.74 / 5

Chocolate Jojo Ivory

Chocolate Jojo Ivory is a rich and indulgent cocktail that combines the flavors of Bailey's Irish cream and coffee liqueur...

Bailey's (30ml), Coffee liqueur (20ml), Cream (90ml), Banana (Half ), Chocolate Syrup (Dash)

5 ingredients
3.64 / 5

Liquid Bubblegum

The Liquid Bubblegum cocktail is a creamy and indulgent drink that combines the rich sweetness of Bailey's Irish Cream with...

Bailey's (60ml), Banana liqueur (30ml), Cream (Top up), Blue Curaçao (30ml)

4 ingredients
3.55 / 5


We've collated some quick fire Q&A's on the question to help you find exactly what you're looking for.

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What flavors do the ingredients Baileys, creme de cacao, banana liqueur, and cranberry juice bring to a cocktail?

Baileys adds a creamy richness, creme de cacao provides a chocolatey depth, banana liqueur brings a fruity sweetness, and cranberry juice adds a tart and vibrant note to the cocktail.

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How do you balance the flavors in a cocktail with Baileys, creme de cacao, banana liqueur, and cranberry juice?

Balancing these flavors involves paying attention to proportions. Use equal parts of Baileys, creme de cacao, and banana liqueur for a creamy base, and a larger portion of cranberry juice to add brightness and tartness.

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Is it common to mix creamy and fruity flavors in a cocktail?

Yes, mixing creamy and fruity flavors can create a delightful balance. The creaminess often tempers the fruit's acidity and tartness, resulting in a well-rounded and enjoyable drink.

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Can you suggest variations or substitutes for these ingredients?

You might try using other creamy liqueurs like Irish cream or adding different fruit liqueurs such as orange or raspberry to experiment with flavor profiles. Also, other fruit juices like pineapple or orange could add unique twists.

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What type of glass should you use for serving a creamy and fruity cocktail?

For a creamy and fruity cocktail, a chilled cocktail glass or a martini glass is ideal. These glasses help keep the drink cool and showcase its vibrant color and texture.

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