What cocktails can I make with Irish cream and toffee vodka?

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I have found some cocktails that incorporate Irish cream and toffee vodka in their ingredients. Here are the top 3 options: 1. Cocktail with a Rating of 3.78/5 2. Cocktail with a Rating of 3.66/5 3. Cocktail with a Rating of 3.61/5 These cocktails have different flavors and styles, so you can choose based on your preferences! Enjoy!
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You asked: What cocktails can I make with Irish cream and toffee vodka?. We found 10 cocktails answering the question.

Irish Coffee

Irish Coffee is a warming, indulgent beverage that combines the rich bitterness of coffee with the sweetness of sugar and...

Cream (30ml), Sugar (Teaspoon), Coffee (75ml), Whiskey (40ml)

4 ingredients
4.69 / 5

Christmas candy

Was playing around with my advocaat, and this was my fantastic result.

Cream (60ml), Vodka (60ml), Advocaat (20ml), Chocolate Ice Cream (4 tablespoons), Cinnamon (Teaspoon)

5 ingredients
4.5 / 5

Tall, Dark And Yummy

The Tall, Dark And Yummy cocktail is a decadent and indulgent dessert drink, fusing the creamy textures of Bailey's Irish...

Bailey's (30ml), Vodka (30ml), Milk (120ml), Cream (120ml), Chocolate Ice Cream (3 scoops)

5 ingredients
3.96 / 5

Irish Russian

Russian vodka, Mexican Kahlúa and Irish Guinness combine in this delicious concoction that leaves you with a heavenly chocolatey flavour.

Coffee liqueur (60ml), Vodka (60ml), Cola (30ml), Guinness (120ml)

4 ingredients
3.94 / 5

Creamy Winter Tipple

The Creamy Winter Tipple is a rich and indulgent cocktail that combines the smooth, velvety texture of Bailey's Irish Cream...

Bailey's (45ml), Whiskey (90ml)

2 ingredients
3.89 / 5

Creamy Cracker

Creamy Cracker is a decadent cocktail that combines the rich and creamy notes of Bailey's with the smooth and crisp...

Bailey's (120ml), Vodka (120ml), Milk (Top up)

3 ingredients
3.78 / 5

One Ireland

The One Ireland cocktail is a dessert-like beverage with a distinctly Irish twist, combining the creamy, sweet notes of vanilla...

Vanilla Ice Cream (Scoop), Creme De Menthe (15ml), Whiskey (30ml)

3 ingredients
3.68 / 5

Caramel Irish Coffee

A deliciously naughty twist on the classic Irish Coffee.

Bailey's (30ml), Butterscotch schnapps (30ml), Whipped Cream (15ml), Coffee (75ml), Caramel Syrup (Dash), Whiskey (30ml)

6 ingredients
3.66 / 5

Frozen Black Irish

The Frozen Black Irish cocktail is a delicious and indulgent blend of Irish cream liqueur, coffee liqueur, vodka, and vanilla...

Bailey's (30ml), Coffee liqueur (30ml), Vodka (30ml), Vanilla Ice Cream (2 scoops)

4 ingredients
3.61 / 5

Irish Eyes

The cocktail Irish Eyes is a smooth, indulgent drink, known for its creamy texture and refreshing minty undercurrent provided by...

Cream (60ml), Creme De Menthe (7.5ml), Whiskey (30ml)

3 ingredients
3.55 / 5


We've collated some quick fire Q&A's on the question to help you find exactly what you're looking for.

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What is Irish cream liqueur?

Irish cream is a creamy liqueur made from Irish whiskey, cream, and other flavorings like coffee and chocolate.

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What is toffee vodka?

Toffee vodka is a flavored vodka that combines the taste of toffee with the smoothness of vodka, offering a sweet and rich profile.

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Can I substitute toffee vodka in cocktail recipes?

Yes, toffee vodka can be substituted in many cocktail recipes where a sweet, caramel flavor is desired.

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Are there non-alcoholic alternatives to Irish cream and toffee vodka?

Yes, there are non-alcoholic Irish cream and toffee-flavored syrups available for use in mocktails and dessert recipes.

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What are some popular mixers for drinks with Irish cream and toffee vodka?

Popular mixers include coffee, milk, cream, and other liqueurs like butterscotch schnapps or caramel syrup to enhance the flavor.

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