Spiced rum cocktail with apple and cinnamon?

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I have found a cocktail that fits your request for a spiced rum cocktail with apple and cinnamon. It has a rating of 3.74/5 and includes spiced rum with lemon-lime soda.
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Spiced rum

You asked: Spiced rum cocktail with apple and cinnamon. We found 10 cocktails answering the question.

Warm Bourbon Cider

A delicious hot cider drink with wonderful undertones of cinnamon and nutmeg.

Ginger (3 teaspoons), Nutmeg (3 teaspoons), Bourbon (300ml), Cinnamon (6 teaspoons), Cider (2000ml)

5 ingredients
4.5 / 5

Rum Fireball

This fiery shooter packs a deadly punch with the cinnamon schnapps and Tabasco sauce. Great for some hot fun, but...

White rum (22.5ml), Tabasco Sauce (Dash), Cinnamon shcnapps (22.5ml)

3 ingredients
4.29 / 5

Apple Spice

The Apple Spice cocktail is a delightful blend that brings out the warmth of the fall season in a glass....

Vodka (90ml), Apple Juice (90ml), Sugar (Teaspoon), Cinnamon (Teaspoon)

4 ingredients
3.95 / 5

Apple Pie

The Apple Pie cocktail, served in a lowball glass, captures the quintessential flavors of its namesake dessert through the use...

Apple schnapps (90ml), Cinnamon shcnapps (Dash)

2 ingredients
3.92 / 5

Cinnamon Cracker

The Cinnamon Cracker cocktail is a delightful fusion of sweet and spice. This cocktail combines the refreshing taste of apple...

Apple Juice (120ml), Vodka (60ml), Cinnamon (Pinch)

3 ingredients
3.85 / 5

Spiced Rum And Sprite

The Spiced Rum and Sprite cocktail is a straightforward and refreshing beverage that elegantly combines the warmth and complexity of...

Lemon-Lime soda (Top up), Spiced rum (60ml)

2 ingredients
3.74 / 5

Warm Apple Pie

The Warm Apple Pie cocktail encapsulates the comforting essence of the classic American dessert. A simple blend of apple schnapps...

Apple schnapps (30ml), Cinnamon shcnapps (30ml)

2 ingredients
3.6 / 5

Hot Apple Toddy

This cider recipe is a wonderful alternative to the classic mulled wine.

Honey (Teaspoon), Whiskey (60ml), Cider (150ml), Cloves (Teaspoon)

4 ingredients
3.57 / 5

Spiced Rum And Coke

The Spiced Rum and Coke is a twist on the classic Rum and Coke, known for its simplicity and delightful...

Cola (180ml), Spiced rum (60ml)

2 ingredients
3.54 / 5

Spiced Pumpkin Punch

If ever a cocktail was made to be served at a Halloween party, then it was this Spiced Pumpkin Punch.

Honey (Teaspoon), Lemon Juice (30ml), Ginger (Half Teaspoon), Ginger Beer (90ml), Cinnamon (Half Teaspoon), Bourbon (60ml), Pumpkin Puree (30ml)

7 ingredients
3.5 / 5


We've collated some quick fire Q&A's on the question to help you find exactly what you're looking for.

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What are some popular mixers for spiced rum?

Popular mixers for spiced rum include cola, ginger beer, and lemon-lime soda, which can enhance the flavors of the rum and make refreshing cocktails.

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Can I use fresh apple in a spiced rum cocktail?

Yes, you can use fresh apple slices or apple juice to add a natural sweetness and crisp flavor to your spiced rum cocktail.

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How can I add cinnamon flavor to my cocktail?

You can add cinnamon flavor to your cocktail by using cinnamon sticks, ground cinnamon, or cinnamon schnapps. Add a small amount at a time to get the desired flavor.

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Are spiced rum cocktails typically served hot or cold?

Spiced rum cocktails can be served both hot and cold. Cold options include mixed drink cocktails with soda, while hot options include warm toddies or punches perfect for colder weather.

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What type of glassware is best for serving spiced rum cocktails?

The type of glassware depends on the cocktail. Highball glasses are great for mixed drinks with soda, while mugs or heat-resistant glasses are ideal for warm cocktails and toddies.

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