I would like a sweet, cream-based cocktail.

Cocktail Colin says:

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I have found a selection of cream-based cocktails with sweet flavors that you might enjoy. Here are the options ranked by rating/score: 1. Cocktail ID: 6745 - Rating/score: 4.96/5 2. Cocktail ID: 8265 - Rating/score: 4.31/5 3. Cocktail ID: 7288 - Rating/score: 4.15/5 4. Cocktail ID: 1318 - Rating/score: 3.89/5 5. Cocktail ID: 1313 - Rating/score: 3.81/5
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Cream-based cocktail

You asked: Best sweet cream-based cocktails. We found 10 cocktails answering the question.

White Russian

The White Russian is a classic cocktail that is known for its smooth and creamy texture. It is believed to...

Vodka (50ml), Cream (30ml), Coffee liqueur (20ml)

3 ingredients
4.96 / 5

White Russian Christmas

The White Russian Christmas cocktail is a festive twist on the classic White Russian. The traditional combination of vodka and...

Vodka (60ml), Cream (30ml), Gingerbread syrup (25 ml), Coffee liqueur (15ml), Mincemeat (Tablespoon)

5 ingredients
4.8 / 5

Christmas candy

Was playing around with my advocaat, and this was my fantastic result.

Cream (60ml), Vodka (60ml), Advocaat (20ml), Chocolate Ice Cream (4 tablespoons), Cinnamon (Teaspoon)

5 ingredients
4.5 / 5

Coconut White Russian

The Coconut White Russian is a tropical twist on the classic White Russian cocktail. This creamy and indulgent drink features...

Coffee liqueur (30ml), Coconut Cream (45ml), Vanilla vodka (30ml)

3 ingredients
3.95 / 5

White Russian II

The White Russian II cocktail is a creamy and indulgent drink with a rich flavor profile that combines the bold,...

Coffee liqueur (22.5ml), Vodka (15ml), Cream (22.5ml)

3 ingredients
3.81 / 5

White Chocolate Easter-tini

Don't let the kids get all the sweets! Throw some in this chocolate martini and feel young again!

Cream (30ml), Vanilla vodka (30ml), Chocolate liqueur (30ml), Eggnog (60ml)

4 ingredients
3.76 / 5


The Creamsickle is a cocktail that harkens back to the classic flavor profile of the childhood favorite frozen treat, the...

Triple Sec (22.5ml), Orange juice (15ml), Cream (Dash), Orange vodka (30ml)

4 ingredients
3.74 / 5

Strawberries & Cream

The Strawberries & Cream cocktail is a sweet and indulgent drink that combines the rich flavors of fresh strawberries and...

Milk (240ml), Vanilla vodka (30ml), Strawberry Syrup (20ml), Raspberry vodka (30ml)

4 ingredients
3.64 / 5

Cream Soda

Cream Soda is a refreshing and slightly sweet cocktail that is sure to satisfy any drinker's sweet tooth. The cocktail's...

Vodka (30ml), White rum (30ml), Lemonade (Top up), Blackcurrant Cordial (Dash)

4 ingredients
3.62 / 5

Mint Cream

The Mint Cream is a refreshing cocktail that combines the robust kick of white rum with the smooth richness of...

White rum (30ml), Cream (30ml), Creme De Menthe (30ml)

3 ingredients
3.61 / 5


We've collated some quick fire Q&A's on the question to help you find exactly what you're looking for.

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What are some popular cream-based cocktails?

Popular cream-based cocktails include White Russian, Coconut White Russian, Creamsickle, Mint Cream, and White Chocolate Easter-tini. These cocktails are known for their rich and sweet flavors.

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How do I make a White Russian?

To make a White Russian, combine 50ml of vodka, 30ml of cream, and 20ml of coffee liqueur over ice. Stir gently and enjoy a smooth and creamy cocktail.

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Can I use non-dairy alternatives in cream-based cocktails?

Yes, non-dairy alternatives like coconut cream, almond milk, or oat milk can be used in place of dairy cream. These substitutes can offer a similar creamy texture with varying flavors.

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What occasions are cream-based cocktails suitable for?

Cream-based cocktails are perfect for dessert drinks, cozy nights in, holiday celebrations, or any occasion where you want a rich and indulgent beverage.

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Do cream-based cocktails need to be refrigerated after mixing?

Yes, it's best to refrigerate cream-based cocktails to keep them fresh and chilled. If you have leftovers, store them in the fridge and stir before serving again.

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