What cocktails can I make with ginger beer, rum, lime juice?

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I found a cocktail with ginger beer, rum, and lime juice that I think you'll like. It has a great rating and is served in a Highball glass.
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Ginger Beer

You asked: Cocktails with ginger beer, rum, and lime juice?. We found 10 cocktails answering the question.

Dark 'n' Stormy

The Dark 'n' Stormy is a classic cocktail that originated in Bermuda in the early 1900s. It has a bold...

Dark rum (60ml), Ginger Beer (100ml), Lime (1)

3 ingredients
4.7 / 5

Moscow Mule

Moscow Mule is a classic cocktail with a rich history and a refreshing flavour profile. It is believed to have...

Vodka (45ml), Lime juice (10ml), Ginger Beer (120ml)

3 ingredients
4.63 / 5

Ginger Mojito

The Ginger Mojito is a zesty twist on the classic Mojito cocktail. This refreshing beverage expertly blends the warmth of...

Lime juice (15ml), Mint Leaves (12), Ginger Beer (Top up), Sugar Syrup (15ml), White rum (30ml), Ginger (3 pieces)

6 ingredients
4.6 / 5


The "Summertime" cocktail offers a refreshing blend suitable for warm weather sipping. It features the rich and complex flavors of...

Dark rum (30ml), Soda water (60ml), Drambuie (30ml)

3 ingredients
3.93 / 5

Angostura Ginger Beer

Angostura Ginger Beer is a refreshing and unique cocktail that combines the spiciness of ginger ale with the depth of...

Ginger Ale (180ml), Angostura Bitters (7.5ml)

2 ingredients
3.9 / 5

Mermaid Mule

What makes this cocktail blue? It's curaçao, a blue liqueur made from citrus peels! Its tangy flavour is the perfect...

Vodka (60ml), Lime juice (30ml), Ginger Beer (15ml), Blue Curaçao (30ml)

4 ingredients
3.79 / 5

Dark Mojito

The Dark Mojito is a twist on the classic Mojito cocktail that trades the traditional light rum for the deeper...

Lime juice (15ml), Mint Leaves (4), Lemonade (30ml), Sugar (2 teaspoons), Jamaican rum (30ml)

5 ingredients
3.71 / 5

Jerry & Ginger

The Jerry & Ginger cocktail is a simple yet refreshing blend that marries the warm, complex notes of spiced rum...

Ginger Ale (Top Up), Lime (2 wedges), Spiced rum (30ml)

3 ingredients
3.66 / 5

Cockle Warmer

Cockle Warmer is a delicious and refreshing cocktail that is perfect for those chilly evenings when you need a warm...

Ginger Ale (200ml), Lime (2 wedges), Spiced rum (75ml)

3 ingredients
3.61 / 5

Dirty Bastard

The Dirty Bastard cocktail is a daring and robust drink that combines the sharp tang of lime juice with the...

Lime juice (30ml), Ginger Beer (30ml), Whiskey (45ml), Ginger Syrup (15ml)

4 ingredients
3.51 / 5


We've collated some quick fire Q&A's on the question to help you find exactly what you're looking for.

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What is ginger beer?

Ginger beer is a carbonated drink that is flavored with ginger. Unlike ginger ale, it has a stronger and spicier taste due to the fermentation process.

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Can I substitute ginger ale for ginger beer in cocktails?

While you can substitute ginger ale for ginger beer, the cocktail will be sweeter and less spicy, as ginger ale is milder compared to ginger beer.

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What type of rum works best with ginger beer?

Both dark and spiced rums work particularly well with ginger beer due to their rich and strong flavors, but white rum can also be used for a lighter cocktail.

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How does lime juice affect cocktails with ginger beer?

Lime juice adds a zesty, tangy flavor that complements the spiciness of ginger beer and the complexity of rum, balancing out the drink.

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What is the best glassware for serving cocktails with ginger beer?

Cocktails with ginger beer are often served in highball glasses, which allow enough room for ice and the fizzy mix of the drink.

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