What is the cocktail that is a mix of Moscow Mule and gin and tonic?

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I found a cocktail that combines the flavors of Moscow Mule and Gin and Tonic with a high rating.
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You asked: Moscow Mule and Gin and Tonic mix cocktail. We found 10 cocktails answering the question.

Moscow Mule

Moscow Mule is a classic cocktail with a rich history and a refreshing flavour profile. It is believed to have...

Vodka (45ml), Lime juice (10ml), Ginger Beer (120ml)

3 ingredients
4.63 / 5

Vodka And Tonic

The Vodka and Tonic is a refreshingly simple cocktail that combines the clear, smooth taste of vodka with the sharp,...

Vodka (30ml), Tonic water (Top up)

2 ingredients
4.6 / 5

Gin And Tonic

The Gin and Tonic is a classic cocktail known for its refreshing and simplistic nature, often enjoyed as a casual...

Gin (30ml), Tonic water (Top up)

2 ingredients
4.5 / 5

Gin Gin Mule

The Gin Gin Mule is a refreshing and zesty cocktail that combines the herbal notes of dry gin with the...

Lime juice (15ml), Ginger (60ml), Sugar Syrup (7.5ml), Ginger Beer (Top up), Angostura Bitters (Dash), Dry gin (60ml)

6 ingredients
4.48 / 5

Pomegranate Gin And Tonic

The Pomegranate Gin And Tonic is a vibrant and refreshing cocktail that offers a fruity twist on the classic Gin...

Pomegranate Juice (60ml), Tonic water (Top Up), Dry gin (60ml)

3 ingredients
3.85 / 5

Swedish Mule

The Swedish Mule is a refreshing cocktail that takes a Scandinavian twist on the classic Moscow Mule. Traditionally served in...

Vodka (60ml), Lime juice (30ml), Sugar Syrup (15ml), Ginger Beer (120ml)

4 ingredients
3.71 / 5

Gin and Tonic with Cucumber Slices

The Gin and Tonic with Cucumber Slices is a refreshing twist on the classic gin and tonic, a beloved cocktail...

Mint Leaves (4), Lime (2 slices), Tonic water (200ml), Cucumber (2 slices), Dry gin (60ml)

5 ingredients
3.67 / 5

Gin And Tonic Bitter Lime

Gin and Tonic is good, but if you like it bitter with a hint of lime, this drink is for...

Lime juice (30ml), Gin (60ml), Angostura Bitters (Dash), Tonic water (200ml)

4 ingredients
3.66 / 5

Greek Gin and Tonic

You might wonder if a gin and tonic is really a drink worthy of a post from us. But there...

Gin (60ml), Sugar Syrup (7.5ml), Tonic water (90ml), Cucumber (1), Rosemary (Sprig)

5 ingredients
3.61 / 5

Cotswold Mule

A take on the classic Moscow Mule, but utilising the delicious Cotswold Vodka giving it a clean crisp taste. Delicious...

Lime juice (30ml), Ginger Beer (Top up), Angostura Bitters (Dash), Vodka (60ml)

4 ingredients
3.53 / 5


We've collated some quick fire Q&A's on the question to help you find exactly what you're looking for.

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What is a Moscow Mule?

A Moscow Mule is a classic cocktail made with vodka, lime juice, and ginger beer. It is traditionally served in a copper mug, which helps maintain its temperature.

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What is a Gin and Tonic?

A Gin and Tonic is a simple and refreshing cocktail that consists of gin and tonic water served over ice. It's often garnished with a slice of lime or lemon.

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Can you mix gin and tonic with other flavors?

Yes, you can mix gin and tonic with various flavors such as cucumber, pomegranate, and rosemary to create unique and refreshing cocktails.

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What ingredients are commonly used in a Mule cocktail?

Mule cocktails commonly include a base spirit such as vodka or gin, fresh lime juice, and ginger beer. Sometimes, additional ingredients like bitters or syrup are added for extra flavor.

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What glassware is typically used for a Mule cocktail?

Mule cocktails are traditionally served in copper mugs. The copper helps keep the drink cold and adds a distinctive presentation.

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