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Urban Jungle cocktail
During the EBS course in Amsterdam we had to create our own cocktail for the cocktail competition. With my team, we had to create a cocktail including Monkey Shoulder whisky. All of the team members came up with a recipe and as we tried them out, we concluded that my recipe was the tastiest. We decided to use my recipe for the cocktail competition.
Since I prefer fresh cocktails over sweet ones, I really wanted to create a fresh cocktail with a different sweetner as usual; resulting in the use of agave syrup. The Anisette gives an extra flavour to the cocktail, but is not too overpowering. The end result is a fresh, unique cocktail with a bit sourness from the lime rim. (We did win the competion, too.)


Hurricane glass

6 Ingredients


Chill the absinthe glass (optional to use whatever glass you prefer).
Add all ingredients to the shaker and shake and then DOUBLE fine strain by using two fine strainers to remove the mint leaves as good as possible (some tiny bits of mint leaves will end up in the glass, but that's no dealbreaker).
As garnish use a mint sprig and a lime zest, hanging from the glass or make a lime spiral around the stem of the glass. Optional garnish is a lime rim (without any salt) for some extra sourness.
Optional: instead of agave syrup, use some high quality honey.

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Urban Jungle cocktail

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